AOQ Duties

  1. Be committed and be there.
    • AOs take on the personality of the AOQ in a lot of ways. If the AO Q is not committed, then the PAX will not be committed. The AO Q commits to post to every workout barring travel or sickness/injury.
  2. Be organized and proactive.
    • Keep a Q rotation set out at least a few weeks in advance.
    • Recognize conflicts and scheduling issues early.
    • Ensure someone is scheduled to Q for every workout and enter this info on the Q Spreadsheet.
    • Be prepared to fill in, even at the last second, for a Q that falls through for any reason.
    • Keep Qs’ email addresses up to date.
    • Be ready with announcements in COT.
    • Be on top of F3 Memphis goings on.
  3. Be positive and encouraging.
    • The AO Q is ideally out front “leading the charge” or in the back playing sweeper and encouraging the slower guys.
    • Like the workout Q, the AO Q is constantly scanning the PAX to fill the need that is there. PAX are lagging, energy is down? The AO Q is ready to step up with an encouraging word or show of energy. FNGs or slower guys falling off the back? The AO Q is ready to alert the workout Q and sweep to the back to encourage the six.
  4. Ensure Back Blasts are posted within 24 hours of each workout.
  5. Post the picture and count that posted at your AO on Slack by 8:00 a.m.  Also post the picture and count from Coffeeteria if you have one.
  6. Have a Slack presence.
    • To alert PAX of scheduling issues
    • To pump up the next day’s workout
    • To sell the PAX on attendance
    • To communicate with other AO Qs and the F3 Memphis leadership group
  7. Obtain contact info for every FNG that attends the workout and use the designated process to report that info. As of now, we are using a Google Spreadsheet to keep the roster updated.
  8. Make sure to have someone there (generally the workout Q unless he’s visiting the AO) to fill the above AO Q roles if the AO Q has to miss because of travel or sickness/injury.
  9. Work with the Nantan on any issues regarding scheduling, events, workout splits, or any unique workout issues towards a resolution that best serves F3 Memphis as a whole.