July 14, 2020

Another Past Due BB (June 27, 2020)

Conditions: Can’t recall. Memphis in June, so muggy.

Warm-o-rama: Likely a combo of SSH, Windmills, Daisy Pickers, Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers

The Thing: Tower of Terror…

Bottom Deck do 10 reps of exercise, run up incline, and plank/Al Gore until all in. once all in, plank for 20 sec and repeat to make our way up to the top!

Round 1: Hand Release Merkins

Round 2: Squat Twists

Round 3: WW1 Situps

Moleskin: Idea was to get our daily time in for Hobo’s fitness challenge of 3 minutes planking/day! Dawson influenced me to utilize the hand release merkin because we did those the day before and they sucked!!! Enjoyed having a Willy Loman with us from Atlanta – Smalls!