August 10, 2018

An oryctolagus cuniculus-free beatdown at Neverland

THE SCENE: Cool and comfy 72°

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: PAX were welcomed and disclaimed

Standard Zima WOR here:
SSH IC x20
IW IC x15
Daisy Pickers IC x15
Small arm circles IC x10 (+ reverse)

As our local oryctolagus cuniculus (named changed to protect the identity of the fartsacker) chose to sleep in rather than Q at Neverland, YHC stepped in to lead. YHC was going to grab one of his favorite WIBs (Dora123s) when Flobee complained “not more BOMBS!” – which of course means we did BOMBS. When will they learn?

PAX partnered up – while one partner performed reps the other ran 50 yards, performed 10 SSH, then backwards ran back to partner, who kept team count of exercise.
Burpees – 50 reps
Overheads – 100 reps
Merkins – 150 reps
BBS – 200 reps
Squats – 250 reps

Had a few minutes left before Mary so YHC had his RunQ (Flobee) take the men on quick 1/2 mile loop while Zima limped over to the spot where we would visit with Miss Mary.

Bicycle crunches – 16IC
American Hammers – 31IC (that last one was just to mess with the PAX…)

Six PAX (1 FNG): Slim Fast, Gilligan, Hook, UFO, Flobee, Zima

Didn’t really have anything prepared here, so calling on a parenting lesson I challenged the  HIMs to live their lives with what I tell my children are the ‘big three’: character, honor, integrity. If we live lives of honor, integrity, and character, people will see these traits and will be more apt to listen when we speak into their lives, especially when we try to share the truths of the gospel with them.

New lights at Neverland means we were well-lit for the entire workout – the winter gloom will be far more tolerable with a well-lit park!

GrowRuck – sign up now. CityRuck is tonight, do that, too.