February 7, 2019

An ode to Mike, Marc and the NBA Trade Deadline – Watchita’s VQ

THE SCENE: High 60s. Slight Wind. Gloom rolling in.
Hi, I’m new here. Don’t get hurt. I’m not an expert. Etc. Etc


15 Daisy Pickers IC
10 Arm Circles IC
10 Arm Circles Reversed IC
Mosey to the Stables

Reminded PAX today is the NBA Trade Deadline, and today’s workout will be a nod to Mike and Marc…. just in case.

, each exercise was followed by a run through the Stables.

  • 5 Pull-ups
  • 11 Mike Conley Merkins
  • 20 Burpees
  • 33 Marc Gasol BBSU
  • 40 Squats
  • 33 Marc Gasol BBSU
  • 20 Burpees
  • 11 Mike Conley Merkins
  • 5 Pull-ups

Mosey to Startex
As an FNG I splashed while the rest of the PAX did dips. I made up for them today.
15×2 Dips around the Concrete Circle

11s a final hat tip to Mike Conley
1 Bobby Hurley > Grizzly Bear Crawl > 10 Plank Jacks > Run back
and so on.

Slow Mosey half way to stable and back

15 Flutter Kicks IC
15 American Hammers IC
15 LBCs IC
Dealers Choice: Sonic: Box Cutters, U-Rock- WWI Sit-ups, O Positive- Reverse Box Cutters, Speaker- Guantanamo
1 Minute Star Gazers,  @ChandlerParsons.

9 Pax, No FNGs.  Sonic, Hacksaw, Cheesesteak, Photoshop, Speaker, O Positive, Sparky, U-Rock, Watchita.
On Tuesday at the Saddle Photoshop shared a word on encouragement. Read his BB for full details. But in short. Encourage people.  I wanted to take the opportunity to let the PAX know that just by showing up they were an encouragement to me. Waking up at 5am is the worst. The workouts are even worse. But it’s the inclusion and the comrade that you guys showed is what kept me coming back. It’s a true example of what F3 is all about. Encourage you to keep it up for the next FNG.

45 Minutes is a long time. Sparky asked if we don’t trade Mike and Marc if we can do this again some other time. I think he was mocking me.

Prayer Requests:
Sickness- Halpert and Family, Piper Family, Photoshop’s Brother
O Positive – Work
Sparky’s Family

2nd F Lunches across the city
Friday Lunch moved to Germantown Whole Foods
Upcoming Service Opportunity for Blazing Saddles