July 6, 2018

An Attempt at a Magnificent 7

THE SCENE: Everyone was speeding in to the parking lot right on time, including YHC. The fast trucks made the humidity show while my Sonata stood out like a sore thumb.




SSH IC x15 4 CT

Arm circles forward and backward  x15 4 CT

Tempo Squats x15 4 CT
Grab the flags and walk fast to the baseball field.

YHC encouraged stretching what ya needed while I put the flags in place, about 25 yds or so.

Magnificent 7s–Increase rep of exercise each time. Then do the exercise called (merely suggestion) to the other flag and add a rep all the way to 7.  (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7=28 reps of each exercise)

Squat and Press at each flag. Transport= Bear crawl (ruck on or crawl and pull).

Merkins at each flag, Transport=Run or lunge walk

Get ups. Transport=Lunge walk

Dips on dugout bench. Transport=Up tempo walk or jog.

10 Man Makers IC 8 ct.

15 sit ups with weight over head.

5 PAX=Nature Boy, Pops, 1040, Moneybags, Barney, Billy Blanks

YHC piggybacked off of Rabbits transparency talk on Monday. Thankful for the community of men to surround me during a semi-stressful time with school and trying to start a family (not using infertility anymore due to my God being bigger than any ICD 10 code).  Cast all your cares and burdens to the Lord, because He is in control and has it under control. I listed to this sermon by Rick Burgess (of Rick and Bubba/radio show out of Alabama). He mentioned 2 Corinthians and the passage that Paul uses all the bad that he could dwell on to show God’s power. Link will be posted below. It was a good slap in the face to wake up and move on with life because sulking and stressing sure won’t help the issues. He is our Comforter, Keeper, and Abba.

I intended to do 7, well 8 (symmetric/even number) rounds with different exercises. I did not realize how much the ruck sacks would slow us down. The men pushed on and grew stronger. Thanks for dealing with what seemed like eternity and discombobulated in my mind. I still am finding grass in all my crevices.
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