November 16, 2018

AMRAPalooza invades Neverland

THE SCENE: A comfy 35°, no wind, thank goodness…


SSH IC x31 (forgot to stop at 30)
Daisy Pickers IC x15
IW IC x15
Arm circles IC x15 (+ reverse)

PAX chose one of six stations to start, each station had one exercise that was done AMRAP OYO for 72 seconds. 72 seconds isn’t very long. </michael scott>

No breaks between stations for five complete cycles.

Station 1: Merkins
Station 2: BBSU / LBCs
Station 3: CMU Curls
Station 4: CMU Tricep Extensions
Station 5: Carolina Dry Docks
Station 6: Imperial Squat Walkers

The workout was enhanced by a soundtrack comprised of the dulcet tones of rock (and some pop-rock) mastered by YHC – featuring Everclear, Saving Abel, Sevendust, Korn, Lamb Of God, Maroon 5, Dave Matthews Band, Jane’s Addiction, Thousand Foot Krutch, P.O.D., and Adelitas Way.

Only had about a minute left, flutter kicks until time.

No Fuego, Tiger Lily, Bob Ross, Zima

YHC has been frustrated by his own lack of discipline wrt diet – ever since the recent trip overseas, where YHC found it impossible to stick to his preferred (low-carb) diet, the struggle has been real. While self discipline is a virtue, one that we should all strive for, YHC has been reminded that in even the little things, we will struggle if we try to do it alone. We need both God and the HIM that surround us in F3 to be the best we can be – “no man is an island”.

Good having Bob Ross back out with us. Liked this workout, but it needs a cardio component. After discussing it with Tiger Lily YHC has some ideas to make this one sting even more.

Please keep No Fuego’s mother in your prayers, she’s struggling with the long-term effects of cancer treatments. Also keep Tiger Lily in your prayers as he has an impending decision regarding his future with the Navy and how it will impact all involved.