January 11, 2018

AMRAP #Exicon

The Lair
O Positive on Q
63F with steady drizzle



SSH IC x 20

Wide Arm Circles (F) IC x 10

Wide Arm Circles (R) IC x 10

Windmills IC x 20

Deep Knee Bends IC x 20

Imperial Walkers IC x 20

Hill Billies IC x 20

>4 minute il’ mosey

THA-THANG: Baby Steps
*7 Rounds: each round (1-6) increasing duration by 1 minute
*Use of multi-purpose field; length: 100 yards

  • Round 1: Stargazer x 1 minute
  • Round 2: LBC x 2 minutes; completed 200 reps
  • Round 3: Burpees x 3 minutes; completed 40 reps
  • Round 4: Bear Crawl x 4 minutes; covered 100 yards; mosey back to startex
  • Round 5: BBSU x 5 minutes; completed 125 reps
  • Round 6: Squat Walk x 6 minutes; covered 110 yards; mosey back to startex
  • Round 7: Run/Sprint/Jog x 5 minutes; covered 800 yards

>4 minute lil’ mosey


BBSU IC x 25

SSH IC x 25

1; O Positive

YHC issued a self-inflicted beat down as he took the DRP and got better. Flew a solo mission as the Collierville men had better things to do; like travel, sick kids and…generally just fartsacking.  YHC was disappointed by turn-out but by no means discouraged.  The Collierville AO has incredible potential which prompted the YHC’s COT message: Christ was less concerned about how many showed up to hear Him.  His mission stayed the same, regardless if it were 2 or 2,000. He was not dismayed.  He came to serve-not to be served.  He exhibited patience and over 2,000 years later things turned out for the better.  All new AO’s can learn from that wisdom.

YHC did not just show up for himself to get better-although he did.  YHC is confident that this AO will be just fine as the men of the 38017 begin to take ownership and carry the torch into the gloom to light the way for the sad clowns of Collierville who just don’t know we are coming for them.

F3-Memphis: Better Together. Aye!