July 27, 2018


THE SCENE: The beautiful Turf fields glistened with morning dew!

F3 Mission: Plant, Grow and Serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.


  • 10 SSH (IC)
  • 10 Daisy Pickers (IC)
  • 2 Minute AMRAP: Hand Release Merkins (AKA: The Anti-Slots Merkin)
  • 2 Minute AMRAP: BBS
    We completed two, 10 minute AMRAPS for the THANG.  While the PAX was fully engaged, one HIM would break off and take Mickey for a spin around half the field.  (Mickey, is a high dollar tire I bought for my truck “Mickey Thimpson” that failed (Bands Broke) and is out of warranty.  So I turned it into a sled and it really sucks the life out of your legs and lungs!
  • 10 Minute AMRAP
    • 10 Arm out Burpees
    • 10 CMU Lunges out, 10 CMU Lunges back
    • Bear Crawl dragging CMU 20 yards out, Bear Crawl dragging CMU 20 yards back
  • Walk to 50 Yard line and back.
  • 10 Minute AMRAP
    • 10 Body Builders on CMU
    • 15 Squat Thrusters
    • 20 Over Head Press
    • Run 50 Yards out and Back


  • Ring of Fire
    • PAX circled up in the Merkin Ready position, While the PAX performed said exercise, one HIM would break off and Bear Crawl around the circle.  When said HIM completed a trip around the ring, Next him would go and exercise would change.  We alternated between Shoulder Taps and Mountain Climbers.
    PAX: 7 (FNG:1 MURDOCK)
    Most people train using methods that they are comfortable with, if you  are a swimmer you swim, a body builder you pump iron.  however Special Forces train is designed to expose a candidate’s weaknesses. Locate  those weaknesses and train them.

This was in an article I read, top 10 reason soldiers drop out of Navy Seals BUDs training.

This is relative to every man, in every aspect of life! Look inward and find your weakness, then destroy it!

Grow Ruck, Grow Ruck Sim, A small Pitch to Bruce Mall, for all your GrowRuck needs! Ruck Call out of Saturday night.