July 9, 2019

Almost A Mile…Still Counts

THE SCENE: Perfect warm morning at The Lair

Big arm circles IC x 10. Backward arm circles IC x 10. Side straddle hops OYO x 20. Backward Lunges x 20


  • Almost a Merkin Mile – 20 Merkins + 20 bicycles on Q
  • Mosey to soccer fields
  • Burpee + Broad Jump -50 yards
  • Sprint – 50 yards
  • Sprint -100 yards + 25 Big Boy Sit ups
  • Mosey to tire
  • PAXs pair up and then flip 450lb tire 3x and then back of line – PAXs flip tire ~100 yards total
  • Mosey to old soccer fields
  • 10 pull ups + 20 Merkins (PAXs complete in groups of three)
  • Almost an Ab mile – 25 toe touches, 30 American hammers IC , Sprint last 400m back to flag

25 big boy sit ups + 25 Bicycles
11 PAX , no FNGs – Stuft Crust (Q), C-Lo, Tomb Raider, Twitty, Skids, Snowman, Utah, Motel 6, Double Dare, Hollywood, Johnny Five,
Sometimes we go through things that are awful and just sucks! We don’t understand it and get discouraged. HE doesn’t always pull us out either but wants us to find strength in HIM. We can’t “out flesh” flesh. It’s a no sum game. However, we can lean in have faith beyond what we see and not give up. Your breakthrough is right around the corner. Keep going. Strengthen yourself and your loved ones around you. Help them carry their cross.
But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9)