December 11, 2019

All Arms

The Scene – 50 and dry….hard to remember since it was last week. 🙂

Disclaimer – Done

Warm o rama

Arms circles x 20

Windmill x 20

Merkins x 20

Phelps x 20

Gus arm circuit

Arm claps, behind the back, thumbs up to the shoulder blades

Tha thing

Grab a CMU

Colt 45s – 15 half, 15 half to up, 15 full

20 overhead press

25 bench press

50 WWI sit ups

Repeat x 3

Round 2

20 rows

20 merkins

20 skull crushers

50 LBCs

20 dips

Repeat x 3

Round 3

Plank/block merkins 10 each side

30 squats

50 Freddie mercury

20 swingers

Word – face your greatest weakness – for me this is impatience- how do I conquer it? How do I learn to control it? I had some advice once that said in order to reduce stress you have to avoid it. Avoid the things that stress you out and push for things that give you peace.

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