August 6, 2018

Aiken Legs, ABSolution, & 11s

Like 70ish or something. Suups muggy, we’ll say in honor of the KotB chalice. Get it? MUGGY! Sorry about that. ????

YHC arrived at the Cockpit about a minute prior to Tree hugger who arrived about a minute prior to Short Timer and the gang was all there.

It’s warming back up from the recent unusually low temps so them skeeters are getting back out there in the gloom and they’re out for some of that high quality HIM hemoglobin. Can’t says I blame em but can’t says I want em so YHC brought a big ole can of Deepwoods Off. That junk is ????!

Short & sweet.

– SSH x20IC

– ISW x10IC

– Abe Vigodas x10IC

– Some stretches for the hammies, chest, & tris.

Started off with 50 alternating Offset Merkins using *CMUs Followed by a roughly 300 yard mosey ending up at the covered pavilion for some Aiken Legs.

Aiken Legs
– 20 Air Squats OYO
– 20 Box Jumps OYO
– 20 luges IC (2=1)
– 20 Smurfjacks IC (AKA Little Man in the Woods for some reason ????)

Mosey over to the tennis courts for some ABSolution!

Absolution x5IC (<- Click that link ryte thar if U don’t know.)
Mosey around the court incorporating front mosey, side shuffle, and reverse mosey.
???? Repeat all that noise for a total of 20 reps and 4 laps.

Mosey back over to startex for 11s using Burpees and *CMU Squat Thrusts.

Nurp! No time.

Short Timer, Tree Hugger, Soulja Boy

YHC read the article that O Positive posted a while back titled “7 Temptations Dads Face”. There was a video embedded in the article which, Honestly was kinda dumb so no props there.

The article itself was about the importance of sacrificing for you children and them knowing that you are willing to do so. I thought to myself “Done! I sacrifice for my kids all damn day long! I go to work which sucks. I pay bills, buy food, and have opted not to own a boat so that they can own clothes.”

Then I made it down to the 7 item list of common temptations dads face and it became apparent to me the kind of sacrifice this article was talking about. Time. Fullfilling my responsibilities as a protector and care taker are great but they need ME just as much as all that stuff. Challenge to the PAX is to identify and recognize when the following excuses rob you of time devoted to your children and even your M.

1. A lack of time (guilty)
2. Wanting to rest (guilty)
3. A game or television show
4. Other people
5. Frustration with your kids (guilty)
6. A bad day at work (guilty)
7. Lack of financial resources

*CMUs were used safely and responsibly at the Cockpit this morning. YHC specifically noted to the PAX that we would not be throwing them and bearcrawling with them just sounds horrible so no.

If this BB seems a bit boring it’s because we were working WAYYY too hard to engage in mumblechatter at the Cockpit this morning. Sometimes you just gotta bite your lip and give it hell!

None. Was I supposed to say something? ????