September 1, 2020

Agility, Nimbleness, and Speed

THE SCENE:  Wet dew saturated my Nikes adding both weight and discomfort.  Early morning walkers didn’t bat an eyelash as I tied a climbing rope to the base of the monkey bars.  They’re getting used to us.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:  I’m a professional online archaeology professor, peddling my virtual wares.  I’m not a yoga instructor or life coach.  Don’t break yourself.

WARM-O-RAMA:  Mini- week 1 IPC: Burpees x 3 IC, HRR Merkins x 20 IC, Burpees x 3 IC, Leg Raises x 20 IC, Burpees x 3 IC, Jungle Boi Squats x 20 IC, Burpees x 3 IC, Big Boy Sit ups x 10 IC, Burpees x 3 IC, Stationary Lunge Steps x 20 IC, Burpees x 3 IC

THA-THANG:  Mosey to the school lot.  Ladders, 1 round.  Toe taps on the curb x 1 minute, Curb step ups x 1 minute, Side step over the curb x 1 minute, switch directions side step over curb x 1 minute.  Ladders, 1 round.

Mosey to the monkey bars where I had attached a climbing rope knee high at the base 15 yards out into the grass affixed to a metal stake.  PAX formed a single line at the grass end of the rope.

One at a time we long jumped back and forth over the taunt rope and hit the monkey bars hand over hand across.  PAX circled back to the start and ran swivel hips over the rope (right foot cross over to the left side of rope, left foot cross over to the right side of rope) and hit the monkey bars across.  Circling back to start we jumped forward over the rope and jumped backward over the rope moving forward to the monkey bars and across.

Mosey to a zig zap pin flag course 20 yards long, lined up and sprinted to the first flag, planted your foot, and zagged to the next downhill skiing style.  PAX circled back to start of course and rinse and repeated the round.  Next, we did forward sprint to the first flag and backpedaled to the next, sprint forward to the third and backpedal zagged back.  Rinse and Repeat.

MARY:  not today, front end core work .

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:  11 PAX, 1 FNG (Greeter): Lipton, Paper Trail, Paper Cut, Greeter, Beauty Shop, Shy Guy, Snookie, Chef, Prince Ali, Bruce, Tomb Raider

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:   Don’t let comfort medicate your life.

We all enjoy the comforts our 1st World Nation offers, however we often use it as a drug to pacify our lives.  Now I’m not against technology, that’s our cultural adaptation to our environment.  The trap I often fall into is that the addiction to self pleasure is so great that I abuse comfort and my influence is minimized or completely eliminated.

I think much of the appeal of F3 is a base desire to shirk the mantle of ‘comfort’ and do hard things.  A base rejection of the easy life, not necessarily because we crave or desire suffering but rather because we innately know that our culture and our preponderance to self pleasure is eroding the great calling of our lives.

So do without Netflix, give up and get rid of your TVs for a season, ride you bike or ruck to the grocery store, fast, turn off your phone when you get home, experience DISCOMORT from time to time.  Find the calling of your lives and don’t let comfort steal your influence.

My personal faith tells me that I’ll have all of eternity to experience true joy.  I will try to remind myself to embrace the temporary sufferings of this life.

Winter’s coming.  Will you be with us in the gloom?

MOLESKIN:  Just couldn’t get that rope taunt enough and it allowed us a bit of a mid section break.  Bring a second stake for the middle.  Create dew paths to the pin flags for us to follow as its still a bit dark for those orange flags to show up.  Repeat zig zap and rope rounds cyclically for continuous movement.   Paper Cut’s dad (Greeter) was great at almost 60 years old, respect!

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Prayers for Chip (sepsis), Beauty Shop’s parents, F3 Vengeance’s daughter (see go fund me link in Berm channel)

Tomb Raider
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