January 19, 2021

After Midnight: Tour de Saddle

A light snow fell, as we got ready to commence the 2nd quarter of the Bauer. 6 down, 18 to go, for the 6 of us attempting the full Bauer.


Given. Landline gave us a great map of all the attractions available at Blazing Saddle, and Choker issued a challenge to see who could use the most of them during a Q, and that was exactly what we would attempt to do.
No time. Mosey to Playground 1.


  1. Playground 1:  10 swing merkins. All not doing merkins did AMRAP squats till all-in
  2. Playground 2:  10 BBSU, 10 Supermans
  3. Tennis Courts:  Suicide
  4. Small Field:  Sprint to tree line, and back to sidewalk
  5. Fountain:  10 Derkins, 10 box jumps, 10 dips
  6. COVID Testing:  Burpee broad jumps across lot
  7. Large Field:  Sprint to wagons
  8. Wagons:  Split up into two groups, one on each wagon. On each wagon, half of PAX pulled wagon across the field. Flip flop, and other half of PAX pull it back.
  9. Pavilion:  10 Carolina Dry Docks
  10. Timber:  Hold Al Gore, while hugging an actual tree.
  11. Cloyes Soccer Fields:  Crab Walk to first line, 18 merkins. Bear crawl to midfield, 6 burpees. Crabwalk to opposite box, 18 squats. Bearcrawl to end line, 6 bonnie blairs (2=1)
  12. Sand Field:  10 fence jumpovers
  13. Sandbags:  10 kettle swings
  14. Stables:  10 pull-ups
  15. Sand Pit:  Lunge walk across
  16. Rock Pile:  10 OHP
  17. Horse Arena:  Sprint to 1st marker, backpedal to 2nd marker, sprint to far side. 10 No Surrenders.
  18. Bench Seating:  Bunny hop up stairs
  19. Restrooms/Food:  Mock those being soft, sitting around the fire.
  20. Parking Lot:  MARY

Dealer’s Choice. Cheez called for ABCs, and other PAX led other stuff. I honestly can’t remember. My abs were cramping so badly at this point, I couldn’t do any of it.


15 PAX: Lochte (QIC), Hobo (AOQ), Upgrade, Ricky Bobby, Paper Cut, Slater, Cheezsteak, Captain Obvious, Mama’s Boy, Paper Trail, Speaker, Evan Almighty, Caveman, Hello Kitty, Orange Julius

Thanks to everyone in F3 for continuing to push me, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, over the last 2+ years. Y’all are the reason I would even consider doing something as crazy as attempt to workout for 24 hours straight.


We hit all of the marked map locations, except for one, the Gravel Parking Lot. We had plenty of time, I simply forgot about it, on our lap around the park. Cobains.

This was a lot of running, but for me personally, it was a necessary break to not do 100 reps of some random exercise.

How badly my abs started cramping this early into the event was not a good omen for my prospects of making it all 24 hours…

This event was awesome, and I cannot wait for next year’s. Hopefully I can better prepare my body, and make it to the full 24. Speaker summed it up perfectly right before we started, when he remarked to me, “How crazy is it, in this little group we have, that we just have 10-20 guys willing to show up at midnight for a workout in the snow!?”

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