November 7, 2018


THE SCENE:  The Forest was the perfect temperature, a nice 53* with a slight drizzle.


Check! I had to do it twice, because Shoestring showed up late….since no one posted with him at AO The Barracks.

SSH-30, Hillbillies-15, Windmills- 15, Monkey Humpers- 30, and Wheel of Merkins for 2 minutes (30 seconds at each position).

Then, PAX hit a long mosey to the Levitt Shell, where PAX executed Elevens…again.  Along the way, PAX waited for the 6 by holding plank by the gateway sign, then holding Iron Crosses til All In at the bottom of the Shell.

The exercises were 2 is 1 Freddy Mercurys, and 8 count Absolutions. Between each exercise, PAX ran backwards up the hill in front of the Shell. (Good amount of groaning)

Due to time, YHC asked PAX to finish one round early, then PAX moseyed back to Old Forest Parking Lot. PAX Stopped under gateway arch and held plank (also completed 5 dry docks) while waiting for the 6.

Once PAX were ALL IN, YHC called: BBSU-10, Flutter Kicks IC – 20, and American Hammers AMRAP for 15 seconds.

10 PAX (0 FNGs)

A follow up to a COT from 2 weeks ago. As I realize I need to be more encouraging and affirming to those in my life, I challenged others to affirm those in their life that either 1.) have been encouraging to them or 2.) may need the encouragement to continue to serve others or see their own gifts/skills.

YHC had not realized how far away the Shell is from the OF Parking lot. Also, midway through the workout, YHC realized it was a bit ambitious to attempt all of these exercises in one 45 period. Handsy told YHC later that ambition makes a good workout.

Shoestring is still selling patches to raise money for Micah .