January 4, 2020

A Walk in the Park

During the week, I was trying to think of a fun workout. I went back on forth but though, “I’m at the Lair, these guys are tough” and realized there needed to be weights involved. So, then came the idea of a sort of “tag” or a race. One group would perform prescribed exercises while the other group carried weight a certain distance (down and back). I loaded up some weights into my car and asked for some sandbags. We ended up with 595# to move around and I didn’t know how many would show.

The mood was set… weights ready in parking lot (ironically in the handicap spot). The PAX showed up with a warning from Steinbrenner about a police officer at the park entrance. There were a few PAX that HC’d but didn’t show for various reasons… We missed you Peeping Tom, Halpert, and Sideline.

The music was right… for some. Steinbrenner likes to dance to hip hop (Christian hip hop of course). Pronto Pup is not a fan of the Unashamed Crew (#OneOneSix).


SSH in cadence… maybe 30? Steinbrenner “counted” 60 because the mumble chatter was heavy.

Imperial Walkers IC x 25

Daisy Pickers IC x 15

Arm Circles IC x 10 (forward/backward)

Mosey the “course” from the bathroom building East to the end of the drive, around the circle, then back.

Tha Thang

Count off to form 2 teams. Team 1 (4 PAX: Pronto Pup, Steinbrenner, Utah, Slater) started with carrying weight. One barbell loaded at 95#, two 45# dumbbells, two 45# plates, one 60# sandbag. Team 2 (3 PAX: Hello Kitty, C-Lo, Skids) started with the exercises to be performed before chasing down Team 1. Exercises performed were 10 4ct mountain climbers, 10 burpees, 10 4ct flutter kicks, and 20 merkins.

If the team carrying the weight was “tagged” or caught, then there were 10 reps of a penalty exercise imposed (5 reps for the tagging team). Tagging team chose the penalty.

Team 1 picked up the weight and Steinbrenner took off with the 45# plates. There was immediate complaining at the weight of the 45# plates and dumbbells… thinking the distance was a little far, but the football field seemed too short. ¯\_()_/¯

Team 2 caught up. 10 penalty burpees were assessed for Team 1. Team 2 performed 5.

Team 2 then carried the weight (minus the 45# dumbbells). Team 1 did not catch up.

Team 1 was caught again and had to perform Captain Thors. There was some confusion about how to count them and how many to do. It was fine. We were all enjoying the break from carrying the weight.

Then Team 2 was caught. Pronto Pup assigned more burpees. 10 for losers, 5 for winners.

At this point, we had limited time. As it turned out, we had just enough PAX to carry ALL the weight. All 595# of it down and back. So as a full group, we carried it all. In addition to the weight listed above, we also had two 50# dumbbells, two 55# dumbbells, and two 25# plates. More complaining. It’s also hard to grip weight with gloves that aren’t made to support extra grip… but maybe too cold to not wear gloves. Who knows. Task accomplished. Side note: Hello Kitty moves fast, even carrying lots of extra weight.


We did core stuff. Dealers choice for 5 minutes.

Upon completion, Steinbrenner said, “well, that was a walk in the park, that WASN’T a walk in the park.” Thanks for naming the workout brother!


7 Pax; C-Lo, Hello Kitty, Pronto Pup, Skids, Slater, Steinbrenner, Utah


I saw a rainbow yesterday. Then forgot about it almost immediately. Then remembered it when I saw people gawking at it. But, in the storm you can’t see it. Coming out of the storm you can. When there is no storm, it isn’t there. God’s promise is real. We have to have faith and hope. When we can’t see it because we are in the storm, our feelings and the circumstances don’t matter. God’s promises do. Read Scripture. Trust God.

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