January 29, 2020

A turf-tastic day at the Levee!

It was a dark and cloudy morning.  The Levee light post shone brightly on the damp asphalt and the PAX that were huddled around ready to get their daily dose of F3 magic.


No FNGs.  Welcomed the men to F3, introduced myself, gave the basic disclaimer, and we were off.

SSH x 25 IC

Sprinkler x 20 IC (great exercise to stretch the lower back!)

Mountain man poopers x 15 IC  (on the F3 Exicon)

Moseyed on over to the turf football field.  The lights have been on during F3 for the past month or so but they were off today…go figure.  Communicated to the men that we were going to get the heart rate up.  Starting at one endzone line did the following:

100 yd dash, SSH x 100 OYO, 100 yd dash back, hold plank until all-in, 5 count rest.  75 yd dash, Mountain Climbers x 75 OYO, 75 yd dash back, hold plank until all-in, 5 count rest.  50 yd dash, LBCs x 50 OYO, 50 yd dash back, hold plank until all-in, 5 count rest.  25 yd dash, Merkins x 25 OYO, 25 yd dash back, hold plank until all-in, 5 count rest.  10 yd dash, Burpees x 10 OYO, 10 yd dash back, hold plank until all-in, 5 count rest

Next – performed a take on the up-down.  PAX formed a circled and all chopped feet.  Went around one at a time and called ‘down’ and all PAX dropped, then back up, continuing to chop feet.  ‘Circle Burp’ on the F3 Exicon.  Proceeded to mosey back to flags and stopped for a squat session along the way.

Circled back up at flags and did:  Australian Snow Angels x 10 IC (look ’em up on the Exicon…great glute workout!), Boxcutters x 26 IC, Captain Therkins x 5 IC (Big Boy Situp x 1, American Hammer x 4, Merkin x 5 per rep)

Spent 15 mikes doing dealer’s choice.  Almost made it a round robin but came up 1 or 2 short.  Did some Freddy Mercuries, Burpees, jump squats, merkins, lower merkin position holds, some glute stretches.

11 PAX; False Alarm, Rocket Launcher, La-Z-Boy, Finkle, Boudreaux, C-Lo, Pebbles, Datsun, Steinbrenner, Halpert, Gas Mask

Talked about emotional health.  As a young man, whether it was just in my head or truly existed, there seemed to be a stigma about expressing your feelings and emotions – specifically, negative emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, etc – and it being seen as a sign of weakness.  After my wife and I met and started dating, it didn’t take long for her to call me on my inability to process and cope with emotion.  I was bottling things up and it was negatively impacting those around me as well as keeping me in a pretty permanent state of being miserable.  Since then, I have been working on my emotional health.  Provided a 6-item ‘checklist’ that I use to check myself and encouraged the PAX to periodically do so as well – 1. Express your feelings to someone close to you, 2. Think before you act, give yourself time to cool off before doing/saying something you regret, 3. Strive for balance between work and play, activity and sleep, 4. Physical health affects emotional health, eat healthy, exercise, and again…prioritize sleep! 5. Find purpose and meaning in your life – spend your time doing what’s meaningful to you and 6. Try to stay positive – focus on the good things in life, surround yourself with healthy, positive people.

Lastly, encouraged the PAX to reach out if someone appears disengaged or bothered by something.  Not all men have the same ability to open up and talk about what’s bothering them.

Gas Mask
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