February 13, 2020

a “tony hawk burpee” is a real thing that exists

Rainy and cold and it put a smile on my face that more than a couple people showed up.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER: As concisely as possible.


12x Daisy Pickers IC

12X Imperial Walker IC

10X Little Arm Circles IC

10X Little Arm Circles Backward IC

Mosey about 3 quarters a mile to the Shell. There were 8 of us, so we broke into 4 teams of 2. While one partner runs to the top of the Shell hill and back, the other partner completes an exercise, collectively keeping count of rep amount. We spelled out FOREST with the first letter of each exercise. We escalated by 50 reps all the way up to letter E, and then de-escalated by 50 after that.

F – 100 Fairy Jacks

O – 150 Overhead Clap

R – 200 Reverse Crunch

E – Empty Wheelbarrow to top of hill and switch to go back down

S – 150 Seal Jacks

T – 100 Tony Hawk Burpee

I had to improvise a bit. The empty wheelbarrow was practically impossible going up the sludgy, wet hill, so I called that one off and we just all ran to the top of the hill and back down and moved on to seal jacks. We didn’t get a chance to fulfill the full amount of Tony Hawk burpess for time’s sake, but we each did 5 of them just because people were curious what it would feel like if you were Tony Hawk doing burpees.

Ran out of time.

8 PAX. Dewey, Teacher’s Pet, Shrink, Easily Amused, Upgrade (QIC), Sir Mix-A-Lot, Doc Hollywood, and Swanson.

I am currently reading a book called “Gospel-Centered Life”. In the chapter I just read, it talks about how we often seek righteousness outside of God. In ourselves. God made us to seek acceptance and worth and identity in Him, but when sin entered the world, this perfect picture was distorted, and therefore we often seek identity and worth in ourselves. The book terms this self-righteousness as seeing yourself as an “orphan”. But if we view our identity and worth in God, we are a “son of God”. It then gives you a list of different emotions you experience daily broken into two columns, how we view ourselves as an “orphan” and how we view ourselves as “sons of God.” I mentioned how I often see myself as a poor listener and unteachable, when I am seeing myself as an “orphan” and forgetting my worth in God. But when I am really in the Word and connected with the Holy Spirit, I am able to listen to others and I am much more teachable. This is because the Word and prayer take the attention off of ourselves and put it on others.

It really dawned on me during this workout how much F3 has helped me grow in my confidence. When I had to throw out the empty wheelbarrow because it simply just was way too difficult or that we ran out of time and couldn’t do the tony hawk burpees, that would’ve bothered me in the past and possibly would’ve made me feel inadequate in a leadership position, that I didn’t think things through enough. But F3 (and also the last 6 years of being a parent) has helped me be ok with things being messy  and imperfect. It’s helped me feel more confident as a leader and that people aren’t thinking about your leadership abilities nearly as much as you are. It’s important to remember that. Obviously, be the best leader you can. BUT don’t beat yourself up and dwell on it when things don’t go as smoothly as you’d like. Really, you should be expecting that to be the case, and it’s what you do in response that truly impacts those around you.

Q school at Old Forest on Wed. 2/19 with the one and only Nature Boy.

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