July 2, 2018

A soggy Berm AMRAP

THE SCENE: mid 70s, raining

  • Mosey with butt kick, high knees, back pedal, power skip
  • Side straddle hop 15 IC
  • OH press 15 IC
  • 4-count squat 15 IC
  • Mnt climber 15 IC
  • In circle
  • Imp walker 15 IC
  • Hillbillies 15 IC

Indian run to the West playground.


  • One partner planking while the other works:
  • 15 Squats, 15 Dirkins, 15 dips
  • 10 Squats, 10 Dirkins, 10 dips
  • 5 Squats, 5 Dirkins, 5 dips
  • Al Gore until all in

Mosey to East exercise park.


20 min AMRAP:

  • 20 box jumps (step ups)
  • Bear crawl 25m
  • Lunge walk 25m
  • 20 Big Boy Situps
  • 10 Toes-to-Bar (Knees-to-Elbows) (leg lifts)


  • Captain Thor to 10/40
  • Flutter kicks 15 IC

PAX: Snookie, Tomb Raider, Green Mile, Bullwinkle, Gus, Vocals.
Asked the PAX the following questions:

  • Have you ever woken up in the morning and not really felt like posting to the workout? (“yes”)
  • Have you ever posted to a workout and regretted it (“no”)
  • For those who go to church, have you ever woken up on a Sunday and not really felt like going? (“yes”)
  • Have you ever gone to church and ever regretted it? (“no”…generally)
  • When given the choice between doing something well or doing it half-way, have you ever regretting doing things well? (“no”)

The encouragement is to simply keep doing things the right way, perhaps the hard way, even when you don’t feel like it. Men should do hard things.