November 8, 2018

A sled, tire, and turf……

THE SCENE:  Foggy and a brisk 45 degrees

Disclaimer was advised and PAX consented!

SSH x20, Squat x 20, Merkin x10, and stretch OYO.
PAX took a mosey to the turf fields where the Q had a tractor tire and a weight sled ready to play.

4 pax took turns flipping the tire from one end of the field to the other(100 yards), while one pax was working the others held plank until it was their turn.

simultaneously, 3 pax pushed the weight sled(170#) from one end of the field to the other(100 yards) while one pax worked the others planked.

then the groups switched torture devices…

round 2 was the same as round 1 but after the working pax finished he ran to the end of the field and back to his place in line.  until both the tire and sled made a full trip from one end to the other and back(200 yards).

Next, pax took a mosey to the playground where a pull up bar was located.  one pax manned the pull up bar and performed 20 pull ups while the other pax performed merkins and squats in a rotating fashion until it was their turn on the pull up bar.  All pax performed the circuit twice.  Then took a mosey back to startex.

Dealers choice C-Lo( in hindsight not a wise choice)- Pax were introduced to THOR- 1 big boy sit up then 4 american hammers, 2 bbsu- 8 american hammers, 3 bbsu-12 american hammers, 4 bbsu-16 american hammers…..until Q dropped the hammer and called time.
7- C-LO, Halpert, Pablo, Snowman, Nature Boy, 1040, Barney
2 Timothy 2:2 ” And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

We have been entrusted with the  gospel and should on a regular basis be sharing it and or pouring into others to make them qualified.  We learn so we can then share what we learn to others so they can learn.  Jesus never stayed long in one place.  He was constantly telling everyone about His Father and how much He loved them,  then would move on to the next town.  Discipleship was commanded in the Bible and the Pax were encouraged to share what they know with as many people as possible.
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