June 26, 2019

A rucking good time

THE SCENE: It was a chilly 68 degrees with a bit of rain




Daisy pickers IC 12, Windmills IC 12, SSH IC 12, Arm-circles 10 IC fwd/rev, Squats IC 12, Mosey 1 lap  around the parking lot


Suicides (all with rucks on)

  1. Crab walk 2nd line then backwards crab walk back to start complete 10 merkins
  2. Rinse and repeat + Lung walk to the 4th line then backwards lung walk back to start complete 15 ruck swings
  3. Rinse and repeat + Bear crawl 6th line then crawl back to start complete 20 ruck deadlifts.
  4. Rinse and repeat + Famers carry ruck 1 arm the length of parking lot, then turn and carry back to start with the other arm complete 25 burpees

Mosey to swing set.

5 rounds of teams

– 1 team doing 5 pull ups

– 1 team doing squats

Switching until 5 rounds complete.

Mosey to pavilion


MARY:  (Made time for her)

Big boy sit ups with ruck IC 15, Leg lifts while holding the ruck over head IC 15, Hold plank (with ruck) 2 min


Tree Hugger, Soulja Boy, Ice Cube

We build mental strength as we push our bodies, during exercise, past our abilities. It is great to have this inner strength to push our brothers or complete all the exercises correctly even when fatigued. However it is more important to use this strength at home. In times when our M’s are nagging or when our 2.0’s our being kids. This same strength allows us to not do or say something we might regret.


Great work Brothers.