October 30, 2018

A LOOOOOOOOOOONG four corners, at the Mothership

THE SCENE: The 46 degree ruck temp turned into a pleasant 50 something that did not chill our lungs.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:      Is anyone ever annoyed by having to turn off the bold and underline formatting when filing in this section?  Any suggestions on how to ‘disrupt’ the status quo and streamline?  (with all do respect to the HIM who created this)

Disclaimer given, along with the three F’s and the core principle.


SSH IC X 27, IW IC X 28, Daisy Picker IC X 27, Balls to the Wall at the Event Center for 30 seconds (right in the switch grass and mulch)


  • PAX organized into two equal groups (group 1 and group 2) for corner relay races.
  • Mosey over to the far corner of the parking lot and paired a 1 with a 2, a total of 5 pairs. Each pair went to a corner of the parking lot, the fifth pair stayed at the start with the first pair.  Thank you Pirtle for correctly pointing out that we needed this doubling up at the start so that no corner was left vacant once we got going.
  • PAX were given exercises to complete at each corner starting with Merkins, Squats, Burpees, and Carolina Dry Dock.  (C-Lo or Nature Boy kindly grabbed chalk and wrote these on the pavement during the circuit)
  • The relay race started with all PAX completing the exercise at their given corner followed by pair 1 sprinting all out to the next corner of the rectangular space.
  • Pair 2 took off when their group partner tagged them and when they had completed the given exercise at their station.
  • The relay race proceeded until Pair 1 had gone all around the ‘world’ and was back at the startex.
  • No break was taken but Round 2 began continuously while increasing the exercise rep count to two at each corner.
  • Round 3-5 proceeded in like manner, increasing rep count up to 5.
  • Winning team took a victory lap at a conversational pace while losing team performed burpees as prescribed by the winners until all in.
  • Next exercise was a partner rope pull;  Paired PAX got on their six facing one another with GR 12 long rope on the ground in between.  Feet splayed in front and braced upon your partners soles in a diamond shape.  Facing one another each PAX picked up a section of rope and while one pulled the other provided continuous tension.  Once fully extended as in a row exercise, the other partner pulled while the opposite partner extended.  This provided continuous tension throughout the pulling and extending process.  Good work on the forearms, shoulders, and back.
  • Next exercise was a dealers choice rope pull;  PAX assembled around one end of the fully extended GR 12 rope, the other end being affixed to the Q’s weighted ruck sack.  One PAX called out an AMRAP exercise for the others while he sat and pulled in the rope dragging the weighted ruck sack as fast as he could.  Once in, the group moseyed back to the opposite end of the area while the PAX who began grabbed the loose end and moseyed back with the group.
  • The circuit was complete when everyone had taken a turn at the rope pull and called out an AMRAP exercise.  Exercises included (turkey sit up, burpees, merkins, lunges, LBCs, BBCs, . . . etc.)

American Hammer IC x 25, LBCs IC x 25, Pickle Pavement Pounders IC x 15, J-Lo’s IC x 15, Orange Julius chose and led Dead Cockroach IC x 20

11 PAX (1 FNG, Plan B), C-Lo, Teacher’s Pet, Orange Julius, Pops, Nature Boy, Halpert, Tomb Raider, Grimace, Pirtle, Harbaugh

Disruption of the status quo, specifically to men who are currently casualties. How can we be a disrupter?  How can we invest and invite into becoming HIMs?

I had questions but very little answers.  Case in point, I had invited 61 men to this workout, one came.  Many of these men I have known and gone through tough times with, done hard things with.  However, many of them are casualties now.  I encouraged the PAX to help break the kinetic energy that binds other men and induce movement toward advantage.

The PAX present during this workout reminded me why I really enjoy F3, especially the 2nd F.  Here, I was floundering the Q, in my own estimation.  However, the PAX didn’t blink, didn’t take it easy but came around me and led.  The four corner exercise ended up more of an all out sprint workout than what I had envisioned, yet we stuck with it and pushed each other hard.  I loved the attitude of the men who just kept going with a smile on their face and not a complaint to be heard.

Next time, shorten the sprints and increase the rep count starting at 5 working up to 10 then back down to 5.  Time it so that the relay team running hits the next corner as the awaiting pair is finishing up the prescribed exercise.  Continuous movement is the objective.

*If you want to win a relay race, have Orange Julius on your team!!  The man can sprint!  Even when he’s nearly lapped the other team.  I could tell his hamstring was hurting him but he always smiled and nodded when I would ask, never a disparaging word.

Next Saturday, November 3rd their are three opportunities: Eli Grow ruck/race register and attend or as a spirit runner, assist Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) by administering the physical fitness test to students, or help Pirtle and family move their household.

Prayers for my wife, dealing with a leg infection (much better today) and Hadley, a four year old who suffered a seizure and brain damage recently.