September 5, 2018

A Little Bit of Running and A Lot of Bit of Working

THE SCENE:  It was dry and gloomy

All was given


  • SSH IC x 20
  • IW IC x 20 in a clockwise fashion
  • Windmills IC x 20 (10 forward and 10 backward)

Find a partner.  1 of the partners grabs a CMU and let’s mosey to the skate park (in the dark)


Put CMU down and everyone follow YHC around the skate park in a rectangular fashion

  • Go left – high knees to the end (short edge)
  • Go straight – bear crawl (long edge)
  • Go right – butt kickers (short edge)
  • Go straight – crab walk (long edge)

Partner Work Part 1

  • P1: run straight to near the end of the skate park and do 5 box jumps and run back
  • P2: circuit of the following:
    • 100 CMU Curls
    • 200 CMU Squats
    • 300 Overhead Presses

Mosey to the rugby field (other partner carries CMU on the way)

Partner Work Part 2

  • P1: mosey roughly halfway [due to police tape] (Four Eyes said it was 43 yards! lol!)  and do 5 groiners, then mosey back and do 5 groiners
  • P2: mosey with P1 halfway and back while carrying the CMU overhead
  • Alternate each time until each partner does this 5 times

There was more planned but we ran out of time so we moseyed back to the parking lot


  • American Hammers with CMU IC x10
  • Flutter Kicks with CMU overhead IC x 20
  • Hello Dollys with CMU overhead IC x 20

6 PAX (0 FNGs)  Moth Balls, Jailbait, Orange Julius, Teacher’s Pet, Four Eyes, Rabbit (QIC)

Proverbs Chapter 16 talks a lot about Leadership and YHC shared 9 characteristics of a good, Godly leader based on a recently read article based on Proverbs Chapter 16

  1. Seek’s God’s direction
  2. Is modest, not arrogant
  3. Is a peacemaker
  4. Is fair and just
  5. Surrounds himself with honest, trustworthy counselors and listens to them
  6. Is a good learner
  7. Is humble
  8. Is sensible and kind
  9. Is slow to anger

Read Proverbs 16 and look for opportunities to be a better leader at home with your M, 2.0s, at work and wherever you have opportunity to lead.

Prayers for the house in Four Eyes neighborhood that their work would like to purchase, for Jailbait’s pregnant M,  endocrinologist friend of Orange Julius’ in Tupleo MS just passed away – prayers for his family and for the community who has a need for someone to step in and fill the gap, Shoestring’s health, Cowbell’s job search

CMUs always make everything tougher – YHC needs more CMU in my life!

The PAX dominated the CMU workout!  Very impressed with the hard work in YHC’s VQ at the Sandlot

There was a welcome nice breeze that came in during Mary – everyone was very thankful for that!

GrowRuck 12 September 21-23 – it’s coming sooner than you think, train and prepare!