October 13, 2017

A life lived well is best celebrated with Coupon-filled RUCK Sacks…and Crawl Bears.

AO:The Berm

QIC: O Positive

PAX: Lipton, Bruce, Teacher’s Pet, Red Sox, Toms, Gus, Escobar, Vocals, Oz and O Positive

CONDITIONS: Cloudy, crisp and 13.888888889 degrees Celsius



•Wide Arm Circles (F) x20 IC
•Wide Arm Circles (R) x20 IC
•Windmills x20 IC
•Ski Jacks x20 IC
(YHC was gently reminded by PAX -who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent-that he forget to count to SSH x100 IC during a previous BC but ceased counting at x64 IC for some unknown reason…so…YHC wanted to make good on his previous lapse in judgement.  So that YHC could bury the hatchet YHC led the PAX in a SSH x36 IC count to call it even…64 + 36=100. 🙂

*After saddling up with Ruck Sacks and coupons the PAX were led on a .25 mile mosey to the Thang.  Taking the scenic route ITG, YHC paused the RUCK while the entire PAX performed Incline Merkins x 10 IC and Dips x10 IC on some conveniently placed park benches…PAX held Squat until ‘all in’. The mosey continued…

Still wearing coupon-filled ruck sacks (avg 30# coupons inside) the PAX -minus 1 who encountered an untimely wardrobe malfunction-ran up the hill on a 50 yard climb, upon reaching the summit to the Shovel Flag, performed 5 squats then descended down the hill to the bottom where another 5 squats were performed.  That completed Round 1.

*Round 2:
Rinse and repeat…sort of…but this time Bear Crawl 50 yards up…6 Merkins…Crawl Bear down…6 Merkins

*Round 3:
Run back up hill…6 Carolina Dry Docks…run down hill…6 Carolina Dry Docks

*Final Round:
Bear Crawl up…5 Squats…Crawl Bear Down…5 Squats

At this point, YHC called an Omaha. While the PAX held Al Gore, YHC (who originally encountered the wardrobe malfunction-strap broke on ruck sack making it unlikely that he would have much, if any, success ascending/descending with coupon-filled ruck sack strapped to his back) had elected to jettison his ruck sack and performed the Thang sans weighted ruck sack so as not to delay the PAX momentum.  This malfunction bothered YHC greatly so at this portion of the program-The THANG complete-YHC elected to pick up his lonely ruck sack with 30# coupon inside…carry it it his arms close to his manbreasts and make an additional solo mission 50 yard ascent up the hill…perform 10 squats…descend hill…10 Squats…rinse and repeat 1 more ascent…10 Squats and 1 final descent and 10 Squats.) The PAX rose as one and began ensuing mosey.

*Still saddled up with Ruck Sacks and coupons the PAX were led back on a .25 mile mosey to the launch pad but not before YHC paused the RUCK-yet again-while the entire PAX performed Incline Merkins x 20 IC and Dips x20 IC on the very same conveniently placed park benches…PAX held Squat until ‘all in’.

*s-l-o-w mosey back to starting point

YHC and the PAX did Hill Runs ‘suicide ladders’ of increasing distances: 9 times up hill…9.5 times down…wall sit until ‘all in’

•Big Boy Sit Ups x10 IC
• LBC x12 IC
•Hello Dolly x12 IC
•Box Cutters x10 IC
•Box Cutters x10 IC (Reverse)
•Hello Dolly x10 IC



>YHC acknowledged that the workout was originally meant to be a celebration of his beloved mother was turning 77 years young…and referenced the 5th Commandment of ‘honor thy father and mother’. That is what YHC set out to do.  She would have been proud of her son and the PAX’s effort today.  In a unexpected way-the wardrobe malfunction that YHC encountered brought to light the importance of responding to adversity.  YHC knew this all to well…as his very own mother has shown throughout her life as a woman born with one hand.  She taught him…persevering…not giving up and FINISHing what one starts. F3 men finish what they start. Today was no exception. Finished with the BOM by lifting PAX prayer requests up.

*Today was the 1st time the Memphis PAX did a BC with coupon-filled RUCK sacks.  The PAX worked hard. They were warriors. Good to see Escobar slumming in East Memphis-a sojourner’s far cry from the Burbs. P.s…does anyone know where YHC can buy a new RUCK sack?!?!