March 11, 2019

A Game Of Pace

THE SCENE: 47 degrees with a tinge of pain hanging in the air.
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER welcomed and disclaimed.

•15 Imperial Walkers.

•20 Up Downs.

•20 Australian Burpees.

•30 seconds of High Knees.
•sprint to cones (500 meters away).

•25 Burpees.

•25 Australian Burpees.

•Indian Run to first set of cones (500 meters away).

•100 Jumping Squats.

• we were going to do 150 four count flutter kicks but due to the PAXs knowledge of The Office we did 103.

•sprint to cones (500 meters away).

•100 Mountain Climbers.

•25 Plank Jacks.

•Indian Run back to STARTEX (500 meters away).

•50 LBCs.

•20 Squat Bounces.
Three PAX showed up for pre-ruck.

Orange Julias, Woodpecker and Commie.

Six for BC.

Flobee, Woodpecker, Orange Julias, Grimace, Sonic and QIC Commie.
Yesterday on my way to church I was listening to one of Jocko Willink’s podcasts. It was titled

162: Seconds Count: Urban Combat Lessons Learned From Hue City To Ramadi.

Mr. Jocko opened the podcast with a letter that was written and spoken to a crowd of Gold Star Families, it’s author was General Kelly. The following story was described in much more detail and depth on Jocko’s podcast if anyone wants to learn more. But here is the story that will serve as the benchmark of today’s COT:

On the 22nd of April, 2008 two Marine Battalions were preparing to swap out. 1st Battalion, 9th Marines who garnered fame as the “walking dead” of Vietnam and 2nd Battalion, 8th Marines. One Battalion was going home and the other was beginning the genesis of their tour in Ramadi, Iraq. Two Marines, Corporal Yale and Lance Corporal Herder were guarding the entrance gate to the makeshift barracks. The barracks housed 50 Marines and 100 Iraqi Police. They had been on watch only a few minutes with explicit instruction not to let any unauthorized personnel or vehicles enter the compound. Suddenly a large blue truck pulls into the alley that’s directly in front of them. It speeds up rapidly, heading straight for the entrance gate. Yale and Herder knew what was transpiring before them, VBIED. The truck was only about 100 meters away. Both Marines leveled their rifles and began firing rounds into the windshield of the truck. Trying to kill it’s driver. They succeed. The truck comes to a complete stop just outside the gate. They kept it out.


Detonation. Corporal Yale and Lance Corporal Herder are  immediately killed by the blast. Buildings quaked and trembled, some even destroyed. A mosque which was 100 meters away was completely destroyed as well I believe. But thanks to these two men no one else was killed. According to EOD techs the bomb was 2,000 pounds of explosives.

General Kelly believed these two men deserved to be recognized and honored for their gallant act. He wanted them to get Navy Crosses. But no Americans had witnessed them stop the truck, only the Iraqi Police which at the time wasn’t much to go on. Still though General Kelly interviewed many of the Iraqi Police that was there and Every. Single. One. Told him that both Marines stood their ground, unwavering against the impending danger. Alas, several weeks after the interviews and after General Kelly sent off the packet requesting that Yale and Herder get medals a development was made. A security camera that had been damaged from the blast managed to have it’s footage salvaged. General Kelly had to see so he sat and watched.

Six seconds. Six seconds from the time the truck entered the alley to its detonation. It took Yale and Herder about one second to realize what was happening. It then took them about two seconds to shoulder and aim their rifles. This left them three seconds. Three. Seconds. They relentlessly fired into the windshield, alongside the Iraqi Police. But as the truck drew near the Iraqis began to scatter and take cover. Some ignoring the fight for life and trying to get away altogether. But Yale and Herder stayed. They didn’t even shift their weight as to appear they were even thinking about taking cover. They stood in the face of death for their brothers. Unconcerned by rational thought or self preservation.

Six seconds.

Jocko begs the question that I want to extend to everyone here. If you had six seconds to live how would you react? Would your life flash past and bringing with it the realization that you aren’t who you want to be? That you didn’t become who you needed to be?

Or did you accept with full knowledge that you made every six seconds count?

Don’t be like those who on their deathbed beg for more time to be better. Live your life in such a way that when your time comes you don’t fill with regret. Make your six seconds count. Make every six seconds count.

don’t waste time arguing about what a good man ought to be, be one.

The Streak is duly missed.
I want to announce that OJ did this with a weight vest, beast.