January 16, 2019

CMUacides at the Berm

THE SCENE: 30 degs, frosty, and running on four hours of sleep. YHC arrived on the scene at 0520 to set up cones and mutter a quick prayer of protection over the Berm PAX. A season of pain would soon be upon them.

Also, YHC ate a pear in the hoopty on the way there. It was delicious. More on that later…



Stuff about the mission…

Not a profesh…

Not paid/not forced…

You get it…


Quick Feet/High Knees 30sec each

123 touch the deck x10

ISW x10

Daisy Pickers x10

PAX count-off. Odds run and grab a CMU from the Berm’s secret squirrel CMU stash while evens head over to startex and perform burpees until odds get back.

CMUacides: a fusion of two things YHC loves (CMU exercises) and hates (Suicide sprints).

P1 AMRAPs the prescibed exercise while P2 does suicide sprints 10, 20, & 30 yards. 10 SSH at the 30 then flapjack. Complete 150 of each collectively


  • Offset Merkins x150
  • CMU Squats x150
  • Reverse Crunches x150

The PAX were pretty smoked at this point so we took a little break to knock out YHC’s patent pending CMU Circle-O-Greatness!!. (:awe_yeah_lit:)

PAX on their six in a circle, shoulder to shoulder, facing outward, odds holding coupon. On YHC’s command begin passing coupons in the clockwise direction until Q’s coupon makes two full revolutions then reverse. Rinse and repeat.


  • CMU Curls x100
  • CMU Lunges x100
  • CMU Kettle Swings x100

This is where the pear YHC ate in the car tried with every ounce of it’s little pear strength to escape from it’s doom of being digested.

NOT TODAY, PEAR!  ???? ????

Not today…  ????

Yo, Wrap It Up, B!

CMU sit ups. Partner up. On your six facing each other and lock legs. Perform sit ups passing the CMU back and forth until both PAX complete 20 sit ups. (10 with CMU and 10 without)

Odd number so YHC did lonely reverse crunches off to the side and longed for the day he would be reunited with the PAX.

V-ups x10

60 sec Plank

5 Pax: Tomb Raider, First Class, Photo Shop, Laetttner, Soulja Boy

YHC talked about the difference between given respect (that which is owed someone with positional authority) and earned respect (self explanatory) and challenged to PAX to EARN respect from their peers, subordinates, and superiors.

2F this morning was????. Enjoyed being out at the Berm and meeting Laettner and First Class.

YHC Misses the old BB editor like he misses GroupMe. ????

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