April 16, 2019

850 reps at the Shiniest KotB

THE SCENE: TClaps for the weather Q as it was an incredible gloom.



15 x Daisy Pickers IC

15 x  Michael Phelps IC

Lap around parking lot.

Tha Thang:

100 of each exercise followed by 1 lap around the parking lot


  1. SSH IC
  2. Sumo Squats IC Tempo
  3. Curls IC
  4. Block Step Ups IC
  5. Merkins IC
  6. Lunges 1=1 OYO Al Gore til All-In
  7. Overhead Shoulder Press IC
  8. Kettle Swing IC
  9. Calf Raises OYO – 50 completed when time was called.


No time

Countoff/Namearama: 13 PAX (0 FNG) – Animal, Bailout (QIC), Beef Log, Bob Ross, Fugitive, Ice Cube, Orange Julius, Puck, Ragequit, Soulja Boy, Tiger Lily, Tree Hugger, Zima

COT:  Learning to Say No

I had the opportunity to speak to a group of 20 somethings last week at the Crosstown Concourse about leading with values.  At the end of the presentation, one of the guys in the room asked me a question.

He asked, “With a wife and 5 kids, a job like yours and the time you spend leading in the community, how do you balance work and life?”

Wow…I immediately commended him on that type of question.  How DO you balance work, faith and family life?

My best answer was to learn how to respectfully say NO.

Before you agree to do something, think about whether or not you are willing to do it. You may not have the time to complete the task; you may be agreeing just to keep the peace (which never works);

Secondarily, learn how to say No with kindness and mean it. While the other person may not like it, he or she will respect your clarity. Making decisions out of the need to be liked, is no way to garner respect of self or others.


#POUND-FOR-POUND IS LIVE!  Join your fellow HIM in reducing your overall load of blubber that you carry around!