December 2, 2019

80s Classic Rock HIIT List @ THE LEVEE – Halpert Q – 12/2

39, wind cutting to feels like 32, bone chilling.


SSHs IC x25

Daisy Pickers IC x10

Imperial Walkers IC x15

All the PAX wanted to break wind, so we moseyed behind the concession building where the wind was “broken”

Seconds App queued with a stellar lineup of 16 exercises set for either 35 or 45 seconds each with 20 second rests between sets.  80s Rock blared loudly during boot camp.  Robot voice softened by 3,2,1 countdowns and next set call out.

3 rounds of the following:

  1. Carolina Dry Docks
  2. Big Boy Sit ups
  3. Air presses
  4. Diamond Merkins
  5. Freddy Mercurys
  6. Wide Grip Merkins
  7. Flutter Kicks
  8. Shoulder Taps
  9. Squats
  10. Merkins
  11. Arm Circles
  12. Hold Plank 90 Second Finisher

No time.  5 penalty burpees for wind blowing the KotB flag over.

12 PAX – not enough to retain KotB for December.  No FNGs.

“Seek the seeds of triumph in every adversity.”

”Don’t just dream about success, work for it.”

The region’s growth and starfish AOs have been interesting to watch over the past year.  With Blazing Saddle’s start and slow amp up from an average of 4-6 PAX to now 10-12 and now Arcadia moving into the average of 10-12, it’s been a pleasure and a challenge.  I love to see growth.  New AOs brings opportunity for newer PAX in new neighborhoods.  The proud Leveeite in me wants to keep 15+ averages at The Levee, so there’s the challenge for me.  Any who, typing out loud.

Let’s keep the snowball growing in Memphis this winter season.  Let’s see who’s got true grit, who will show up at 20 degrees when it actually stings to walk outside, who is willing to put in the work to achieve success, who will face adversity and triumph through it.

I will be that guy.  Will you?

See SLACK announcements, lots going on with rucks and St Jude on Sat, 2nd F on Friday night with other regions PAX coming in for St Jude.  VQs – attend and support your bros.

Workout Date: