August 7, 2020

8-Track Mini CSAUP

Glorious, 64°F and a light breeze.


Told Pax to grab a curb with your feet.  25 Mike Tysons IC, did the first several slow as to get a stretch in, sped up to Mike Tyson speed as we continued.

Part One: Bataan Death March Mile, pax line up in Indian Run last pax performs 5 burpees while the line continues to run, Pax must sprint to run up to the pax and take his place at the front of the line.  Once the sprinting pax reaches the last guy in the line, they drop for 5 burpees.  4 pax this morning got 3 rounds each.

Part Two: Parking Lot Jam, attempting to post a spreadsheet picture below, basically pax perform exercise then sprint 35 yards to next median and on and on.

8 Hello Dollys IC, 8 Hello Dolly Lamas, 32 LBCs, 1 min Freddie Mercury’s (Led by Speaker)

Hobo, Landline, Speaker, Dawson (QIC)

YHC disconnected Facebook mid-June.  At the time it was to block out the junk that’s posted there. Also with the Rona, I didn’t want any pictures to potentially portray a lack of consideration for the virus.  I have been pretty cautious, I’m not particularity scared of the virus, but work is really focused on it, which makes sense, as a lot of peoples livelihoods are at stake.  Anywho, at first I noticed the habit of not having something to mindlessly click on.  But after a week or 2 I didn’t even think about again.  The only reason it was on my mind this morning, which I forgot to say, is my nephew burned his hand yesterday and my M asked if I had seen his hand.  Of course, I said no as he lives in Houston. (She shared a text message picture, 2yo touched a grill plate, looks painful).  Later I realized it might have been on Facebook.  Will make it a point to ask my M if any outstanding issues have been witnessed on the social media world.  Consider breaking away, it’s been great!

*So they say CSAUP events are great for team and relationship building.  Since the four pax present all started a Shieldlock journey recently, this can act as our first mini-CSAUP. While not super long and overly painful (only 45 min) we all embraced the suck of parking lot sprints and elbow scrapes.  We ran 2 miles today and the Bataan Death March was only 1 mile plus some various moseys, which means we sprinted 3/4 of a mile, 35yards at a time.

This workout was going to be significantly easier, but Hobo said he hates easy workouts and so I wanted to represent well.  The only other workout YHC had Q’d with him present was midly tough, took it easish that day as he and I did 1.5hrs of stair climbs before 5am bootcamp 60+trips up the bluff stairs at the ruins, as a bet fulfillment for the pull-up challenge.

The divergence is coming, August 19 at an AO near you, to celebrate F3 Memphis 3 year anniversary.  Also sand-burpeefest at the Berm on 8/22.

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