February 17, 2021

8 minutes and 15 seconds of wall-sits

4 degrees



Motivator IC – countdown from 6

Daisy Pickers IC x 10

Forward Arm Circles IC x 10

Backward Arm Circles IC x 10

Overhead Clap IC x 10

Pulled CMUs out of my van. 1 CMU per PAX. We did a series of exercises in the parking lot and then moseyed 25-40 yards to the bathroom / concession area for 45 seconds of wall-sits, then of course, moseying back to parking lot for next exercise. We did all exercises in cadence, and all wall-sits in unison.

20 overhead CMU presses IC – then 45 seconds wall-sits

40 flutter kicks IC – then 45 seconds wall-sits

20 CMU skull crushers IC – then 45 seconds wall-sits

40 BBSUs IC – then 45 seconds wall-sits

20 kettle bell (CMU) swings IC – then 45 seconds wall-sits

40 American Hammers IC – then 45 seconds wall-sits

20 CMU curls IC – then 45 seconds wall-sits

40 outlaws IC (20 in both directions) – then 45 seconds wall-sits

20 CMU upright rows IC – then 45 seconds wall-sits

40 reverse crunches IC – then 45 seconds wall-sits

20 CMU dips IC – then 45 seconds wall-sits

plank for remaining 30-45 seconds

4 PAX. Ricky Bobby (AOQ), Upgrade (QIC), Climate Control, Altar Boy

Just finished reading Living with a Seal over the weekend. Squeegee kindly let me borrow it. Jesse Itzler, multi-hundred-millionaire (married to Sarah Blakely – billionaire who invented Spanx), felt like he was on auto-pilot for the last 20 years, even though he constantly pushes himself to run ultra-marathons like Badland 135, he still felt like he was living his life at home too comfortably and in too much of a routine when it came to day-to-day. He met David Goggins at an ultra and was immediately taken aback by how unconventional he is. Goggins is a retired Navy Seal, motivational speaker, Guinness world record holder for pull-ups, author of “Can’t Hurt Me”, and has done many many ultras and holds many many records. Itzler asked Goggins to come live with him for a month to “shake up” his life and train him. After that month, Goggins left and Itzler went into a little state of depression and didn’t work out for 6 weeks after. I took from this that getting out there and pushing yourself is so much better when you are not doing it alone. We weren’t designed to go through things alone. I encouraged the PAX to not take other PAX for granted. We have each other to lean on and provide a foundation for encouragement and building each other up. Don’t take that for granted.

Pretty sloppy Q. I messed up a couple of the names of exercises, and also my counting. I called reverse crunches “reverse lunges”. And I called the upright row a “deadlift”. And I continue to start off my counting on the Motivator incorrectly. The PAX laughed and were cool about it of course, but it made me check myself, that I’ll be more prepared for my next Q.

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