November 15, 2018

Unnamed Workout at The Bingo Hall

THE SCENE: Bingo Hall Giasman Park
F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER   This was my first Q. I may not know all the F3 lingo but we will get a work out.  I have lead military units at physical fitness so I believe I will be okay to lead you fellas.  Today we will focus on legs and core work.

Side Straddle hop IC x20, Oblique Twist 8count excercise IC x12, Cherry Picker IC x20

Mosey to small fitness area by ball field.

After explaining some of the excercises we took part in a circle work out.  Each man starting at each station

25 – high jumpers, 25 Step up or box jumps, 25 squats, 25 elevated crunches, 25 reverse crunches and 25 mountain climbers

We did the circle 3 times

Mosey the .78 mile paved trail around Giasman Park avoiding “nut bush lake”

Light pole(jog) to next light pole (sprint) rotating the length of the parking lot to Mary.. Flutter Kicks ICx30,  Ankle touches ICx20, Ab stretch 10 by the 1 thousand,  Downward dog 10 by 1 thousand  and while in Downward dog  Tap your ankles and stretch out calves.

6 PAX   0 FNG
Know matter the situation you are handed, take it in stride. There will always be the critics and nay sayers.  Take those comments place them in your back pocket and move on.  Embrace the Lord and follow his word.
This was my first Q and I was honored to be given the opportunity.  Sure, I forgot things or missed, we did have a great workout and moment with the Lord
We have a new church developing in the area of Summer Ave and Perkins..