February 24, 2018

6 Month Celebration- Ode to Bagger Vance

THE SCENE: 65degrees and cloudy.  The Sky Q held back the rain and lightning.

All IC x22
Imperial Walkers
Daisy Pickers (R.I.P. Cotton Pickers)
Mosey to benches by the lake.
P1- 20 Dips, Dirkins and Irkins
P2- AMRAP Squats
(Rinse and Repeat)

Ark Loader
Lunges up the sidewalk to Upper Parking Lot
Bear Crawl back down(Flutter Kick til All-in)
Lunges up the sidewalk to Upper Parking Lot
Crawl Bear back down(Flutter Kick til All-in)

Indian Run around the Kitchen to Upper Parking Lot then back down to benches.

P1- 20 Box Jumps
P2- Hold plank
(Rinse and Repeat x3)

Mosey around the Kitchen to Upper Parking Lot for 1 lap. Circle for Mary…

Plank til All-in
Shoulder Taps IC x22
Mountain Climbers IC x22
Flutter Kicks IC x22
Rosalita IC x22
18 Pax (1 FNG- Bedpan)
6 months ago Bagger Vance came to Memphis and put on a similar workout for the pax.  YHC splashed merlot 16 minutes into that workout.  In 6 short months, YHC was able to Q the workout.  While we have all improved physically over the last 6 months, we have hopefully all improved in other ways as well.  F3 is not just a workout group.  If that’s all you want, go somewhere else because F3 is not for you! F3 is here to change men’s lives.  It has changed mine for the better and I hope it will do the same for the rest of the pax. Take time to not only invest in F3 for your physical health but your spiritual, emotional and mental health.  Find some men to #LockShields with and get to work.  It’s only been 6 months but we still have a lot of work to do.
It was an honor to Q today and watch men push themselves.  It is also good to see that this particular workout can still smoke us.  HUGE T-Claps to the pax who completed a 10 mile ruck and then endured the beatdown!!
VAPE session immediately following the BC.
Prayers for: Popstar’s baby, Bedpan is having a baby soon, Backseat wife’s mother, Vlad, Eli, Dirty Deeds, Soybean’s mom