November 6, 2017

5/6 of the Beast at the Levee while working on Kung-Fu Tobabtas

Location: The Levee

Conditions: 60 degrees with wet ground but not muggy!

QIC: Billy Blanks

PAX: F150, Woody, Escobar, Raven, C-Lo, Meter Maid

The Thang


Warm o Rama

Side straddle hops x25 IC
Hillbillys x17 IC
Cotton pickers x15 IC
Tempo squats x15 IC

Mosey to picnic tables

Tobatas: (20 sec full go/10 sec rest x 8 sets each exercise)
Push ups
Split squats
90-90 Lunge holds

Mosey to ball field parking lot

The beast
4 cones in a line with 10-20 yards distance between each. 6 reps at each cone down and back. Hold plank until finished
-wide arm push ups
**did not get a chance to finish last round of beast due to time crunch

Sprint back to flag for recovery

Count o Rama
Name o Rama

Cot/bom–Q talked about Colossians 3:5-11. Put to death worldly pleasures. Don’t be afraid to be different. Fill yourself in things of good and of God. We hear/see things the world puts at us to distract us. Be intentional and have desire. Otherwise you could take a step by step way off the path and out of the umbrella of Gods protection

Prayers for shooting at church in tx, Rabbit and company-wife kidney stone and baby (induce on Wed if not a prison break by the baby first), F-150 to sell house in a timely manner so it is not a burden

Moleskin: Q enjoyed the chance to lead a full body, constantly moving workout. PAX fought hard and never gave up. The regulars constantly push each other while building the brother hood. Some seemed quiet like their kids did not give them the extra hour of sleep over the weekend. Overall, the group pressed on and beat the intervals and beast.