July 13, 2018

I Stole This Routine From Episode 10 of “Goruck Training”


The scene started last night (err… early this morning) as YHC lie sleeplessly in bed as the Qdreniline of Qing my first ruckout began to flow early.  Exciting times!

80 something degrees, still dark out (thank the Sky Q), and stupid humid. YHC Swam up to the Morg at at 0505 to do some stretching due to the lingering stiffness resulting from Choker’s AMRAPalooza Q yesterday at the Cockpit. Cobains Chocker.

Commie was already there. After watching him cumbersomely don his ruck and buckle up from sternum to waist like he was leaving the atmosphere YHC told him to doff it as we would be warming up with rucks in hand rather than on shoulder.

Like two minutes later Choker, Bam, and Bam’s cujo arrived, polishing off the pre-ruck ruck. Bam had to split but it was good to share a quick fist bump with a PAX YHC hasn’t seen in some time.



SSH x20 IC (ruckless)

Large Arm Circles x10 IC the reverse

15 Ruck Swings OYO

10 squats w/ ruck on front. pause for 5sec at bottom of rep.

Rucks on, boys! Let’s get moving!

Move for 1/4 mile at about 15 minute pace then doff rucks.

  • Flutter Kicks with ruck overhead x25 IC
  • Overhead Press x15 IC
  • Ruck Squats x15 IC
  • Ruck Merkins x10 IC

Rinse with another 1/4 mile movement then repeat above mentioned circuit four times. That adequately smoked the PAX so the rest of our time was spent getting distance for a total of 2.56 miles.

Made it back to startex with about two minutes left and knocked out some BBS until time was up.

Choker, Commie, Soulja Boy.

Lowest number the Morg has ever seen. I a lot of Morglians are running and chugging donuts this morning. Not jealous.

Another real life SB story. LatelyYHC’s 2.1 has been in the newly formed habit of assaulting his younger brother when he gets annoyed. Hitting squeezing arms and whatnot.

My immediate response has been to get upset yell a little and tell him not do do it again with the intended result of him stopping and life being better. never works but if it did it would only serve as behavior modification and the real problem would go unchecked.


Anger in the heart is is an ever present struggle for us humans. It’s worse than most of us realize. When you punch the gas and whip around the person in front of you on the road to show them that they weren’t driving fast enough for YOUR taste, you anger just manifested itself in that.

Jesus equated anger in our hearts to murder. Matt 5:21-22. A concept difficult to grasp by people looking at those to actions through the lense of man made laws. Anger toward our neighbors, like any other thing which dishonors Christ and elevates our desires above His glory is a serious offense deserving of God’s wrath. This is terrible news to a lost and dying race of sinners.

The good news, that His wrath has been laid upon the wiling shoulders of Jesus Christ. Those who are in Him, though we will struggle through the rest of this life, can rest assured in the forgiveness we receive through Him.

The Challenge: Throughout your days, weeks, years, life, recognize the times that anger in you heart threatens to control your actions, words and thoughts. If you are in Christ, God is no longer angry at you. Let go of your anger and forgive.

Prayed over the PAX IRT the topic of COT. Granola sent a dozen KK donuts to the PAX at the Morg via Bam. YHC hates KK donuts. I had two.

GrowRuck and the recent shipment of patches were covered in conversation during the ruck.