January 30, 2021

50th Birthday Trifecta BC!

Coldish and Gloomy-esque; the QIC, spending too much time obsessing over his Weinke (3 hours between the night before and rising at 4 am) came in on two wheels at 5:31 am. 2021 commitment to create new habit to be everywhere 5-10 minutes early. Do better.



The PAX started SSH on time at 5:30 am so there’s that.


We are going back in time to 1970, the year I was born to look at important historical events, the QIC’s biographic milestones, celebrating the birth of each PAX at the AO with a “Happy Birthday” shout at the year of their birth – and getting in 50-second TABATA reps along the way.

1970 Vietnam War Born at Quantico Naval Base Alarm Clock
1971 Pentagon Papers published Moved to Burlington, NJ after dad mustered out of the Marines Abe Vigotas
1972 Nixon goes to China to meet the Prime Minister Moved to Yardley, PA as parents bought their first house SSH IC
1973 Roe v. Wade was settled in the Supreme Court upholding a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion Shoulder Taps
1974 Nixon impeached and resigns (“Only once? Loser.”) Side Squats
1975 Saigan, Vietnam falls to the North Vietnamese Got my first pet – black dog named Charlie Bear Crawl 360
1976 The Concorde flies across the Atlantic Austrailian Snow Angels
1977 Desktop home computers  hit households – Rocky hits Theaters Rocky Balboas
1978 Mass suicide (oer 900 deaths) at Jonestown – Superman with Christopher Reeves hits theaters Moved to Morrisville, PA Superman
1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran Boxcutters IC
1980 Reagan elected Grave Diggers
1981 AIDS identified as a viral disease Smurf Jacks
1982 Latin American Debt Crisis Alligator Merkins
1983 Internet is born American Hammers
1984 Bhopal Chemical Disaster – The Karate Kid hits theaters My parents divorce – Dad moves to NJ with girlfriend, Mom moves to new town with her boyfriend Daniel-Sans
1985 Reagan meets Gorbachov in Switzerland Moved to Parsippany, NJ – I leave my sisters and mother to move in with my father Carolina Dry Docks
1986 Space shuttle Challenger disaster Moved to Randolph, NJ Groiners
1987 Black Monday, worst stock market drop since 1929 Boat Canoe
1988 Iran-Contra Affair CMU Curls
1989 Berlin Wall falls Graduate from high school, head to Miami University, Say Anything hits theaters Cusack Squats
1990 Democracy spreads in Eastern Europe Left Miami for a semester to backpack in Western and Eastern Europe Agassis
1991 US goes to war in the Middle East Blockees
1992 Cold War ends Dying Cockroach
1993 European Union founded – Duke wins the National Championship in men’s hoops Graduate from Miami and moved to Newport, RI to teach science Bobby Hurleys
1994 Amazon.com born Met a girl – she became a cop and was 21 Jumpstreet in a high school to bust drug dealers Mini Hair Burners
1995 OKC Federal Building bombing Monkey Humpers
1996 Dawn of Cloning Left the girl – moved to Boston Mountain Climbers Hello Dollys!
1997 IBM’s Deep Blue beats Kasparov in chess Joined the National Ski Patrol Mountain Climbers
1998 Google founded 10-Count Body Bag Builders
1999 1st NATO strike in Yugoslavia Prisoner Squats
2000 International Space Station opens Met a girl whose dad was Chuck Norris’ karate instructor – we moved to San Francisco and I became a middle school principal Floyd Mayweathers
2001  September 11th American Hammers
2002 Dept. of Homeland Security established Blocktanemo
2003 US invades Iraq Left the girl – moved to New York City to go to graduate school at Columbia Teachers College Chuck Norris Merkins
2004 Facebook founded Met a girl who worked for Brides magazine – we moved to Los Angeles Louganis’
2005 Hurricane Katrina Engaged in NYC! Kettle Bell Swings
2006 Sadaam Hussein executed Married in Malibu, CA! SSH IC
2007 iPhone invented Shoulder Taps
2008 Financial Crisis sparks the Great Recession Side Squats
2009 Obama elected as first Black president Bought our first house near UCLA in Westwood Floyd Mayweathers
2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill Apollo Anton Oh No’s!
2011 Osama Bin Laden killed Pickle Pounders
2012 The God Particle (Higgs boson) discovered Kate gives birth to Allison WWI Sit Ups
2013 Edward Snowden reveals government surveillance program Moved to Memphis! Merkins
2014 Russia annexes Crimea Diagnosed with sleep apnea Windshield Wipers
2015 NASA satellite flies by Pluto Kate gives birth to Maisie Rosalitas
2016 Trump elected Pickle Pounders
2017 Three hurricanes hit coast of US in one month Balls to the Wall
2018 CA wildfires destroy whole towns Teachers Pet introduces me to F3! Wall Sit
2019 Hong Kong Protest roil nation Balls to the Wall
2020 COVID-19 Wall Sit
2021 Yet to be written! Yet to be written!

We only got to 2010 before time!

Baked right in!

21 PAX: Landline, O Positive, Mudpants, Teacher’s Pet, Malco, Rabbit, Chef (AOQ), Hitch, Beauty Shop, Tomb Raider, Laettner, Lipton, Steinbrenner, Snookie, Geppetto, Photoshop, Hobo, Speaker, Vengeance, Dawson, Yardsale (QIC)

I really don’t have a whole lot more knowledge to share than anyone else who is younger here at the BC or in the rest of F3. I recall one of my older fraternity brothers returning after he had graduated for one of our fraternity ceremonies and he implored us to enjoy our time in college because they were going to be the best years we would ever have.

That’s a load of bunk.

All of life – the hardships, the trials, the travails, the successes, the defeats, the rising from the ashes, the getting stronger to endure what is next – are all better years each of us has than time in college. No man is defined by his defeats. No man is defined by his success. Both are temporary. Be the man who is made of clay – pliable and malleable to be able to use a growth mindset and each day to get better. Keep being curious, keep learning, and keep feeding that hunger to get bettter – for your family, your community, and for yourself.

You’ll be glad you did.

There were too many transitions with this workout. When I do this one again, probably in December for 51, I’ll sign up for the Mothership hourlong BC. We’ll likely do 1:40 of TABATA and then do two years of history before we start the next exercise. I tend to make my workouts too complicated and we’ll cut out some of the chafe. I’m going to add a soundtrack next time, Top Ten Hits from 1970-2021 to educate some of the young-ins on what’s good music.

T-Claps to the 8 HIM who punched their passports for all three RESPECT workouts for Mudpants, OPositive, and me this month! We gladly gave our 80 burpees (and OP gave 80 BBB’s) at the conclusion of the workout while the PAX held coffeteria.

Big thanks to my Shield Lock Brothers – Beauty Shop, Rabbit, and Tomb Raider – for the thoughtful gift of an F3 bucket, kiwis, New Zealand honey, and a New Zealand poster. I had wanted to visit New Zealand to campervan for my 50th but COVID so…

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