January 11, 2021

50 Shades of Pain

0° at the Champions Club, Unfortunately no flurries, 30.83 HG
Some Old Guy had just turned 50

Welcomed, disclaimed, vision reviewed

SSH x 11 IC
Daisy Picker x 10 IC

THA-THANG (whilst listening to Songs from 1971 and other assorted MUDPANTS favorites including We Are The Champions: Divide into Two Teams: #1 Jan-June Birthday, #2 July-Dec Birthday

EMOM 3 burpees

Round 1

50 merkins


50 Bonnie Blair 1-1

50 thrusters

Run to the Gym and do 50 pull-ups (team)

Round 2

50 Goblet Squats

50 Shoulder Presses

50 Curls

50 Block Merkins

Run to the Gym and do 50 pull-ups (team)

Round 3
50 Merkins


50 Bonnie Blair (quit there due to time and Chubawumba song came on necessitating more burpees)

Guantanamo Bay

Double Dutch, Snookie, Laettner, Ice Man, MoneyBall, Speaker, OP, Evan Almighty, Hobo, Big Top, Malco, Rabbit, Vengeance, Landline, Paper Trail, Photoshop, Yardsale (respect), Millennial, Beautyshop, Tomb Raider, MUDPANTS (respect)

Respect – a sense of admiration or honor given to one of strength. When one turns 50 the PAX honor the man by saying respect after his nickname in the Name-orama. Respect is offered but simply turning 50 years old does not mean the man is worthy of respect. True respect is earned through a life of honor, of service, of sacrifice. In the Bible the word Phobo is translated: respect. It means the respectful person honors the one who is deserving. Phobo also means to fear or to revere. When one encounters another with great strength, they are to be honored, even feared.

Plato said that the measure of a man is what he does with his power. There is great temptation in us to use our power for our own gain. The Christian man is called to give his power away, like his savior did. Jesus Christ was the most powerful man in all of history and laid his life down for others. The man worthy of true respect will give his power away to serve the weak, to serve his M, his children, his community, his nation in order to live in honor of the one who has given him this power. Respect!

Thankfully this workout was really hard so shirts and additional clothing weren’t necessary despite the freezing temperatures. T-CLAPS to Laettner, TombRaider and Big Top for conspiring with my M to arrange a bounteous breakfast feast following the workout. “A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

18 men qualified for the first round of the Old Man Burpee Challenge. How many will be there for O+ on 1/22 and Yardsale on 1/27 to finish the feat? 10 burpees per man… The Bauer begins on Friday at 6:00 pm – 24 hours of workouts.
Prayers for a baby to be born and a job interview.

Workout Date: