December 23, 2019

50 40 30 20 10

Blue Collar. Low 40s. Upgrade and O’Reilly starting the week off right.



SSH IC x 25

Imperial Walker IC x 15

Hillbilly IC x 15

I wrote on my a little dry-erase board the exercises we would be going through and demonstrated each exercise. I lined up needed-equipment next to dry erase board (jump-rope, and two sets of different weights). While one PAX performs exercise, the other PAX runs a lap to the furthest island in the parking lot (was approx. 50 yards there and back). The PAX performing the exercise performs only the first exercise (which is 50 x jump-rope), and starts running once exercise is completed. And then the other PAX rounds out his lap and performs the same exercise. The PAX move on to exercise number two, with partner A performing exercise number two while partner B runs, etc etc.. Exercises are as follows:

Exercise #1: 50 x jump-rope

Exercise #2: 40 x lateral raises with 10 pound weights

Exercise #3: 30 x curls with 20 pound weights

Exercise #4: 20 x merkins

Exercise #5: 10 x lunges with 20 pound weights (lunges = 2 is 1)


We performed two rounds of the above exercises, and then switched it up for the third round. Instead of doing 40 lateral raises for exercise #2, we did 40 x tricep extension. And instead of doing 30 curls for exercise #3, we did 15 lawn mowers on each side, left and right.

15 hip raises, four count in cadence. And then switched sides.

2 PAX. Upgrade (QIC) and O’Reilly.

My message was simple. Think before you speak. As we are going into the Christmas season, we will be seeing aunts and uncles and in-laws who talk our ears off and ramble and DO NOT think before speaking. When talking to people like this, it can be easy to feel the need to keep up and be quick-witted or something. But we need to not do that. Take your sweet time to form thoughts if you have to. Just make sure that what comes out of your mouth is how you meant for it to be said and what you meant to say. I mentioned how I lost my temper with my 4 yr old daughter last night, and how I often raise my voice with my kids and immediately regret it.

Love O’Reilly. He’s a solid dude who is really invested in his AO and keeping up the morale of all PAX who come out. I enjoyed hitting up Starbucks afterwards and getting to know each other a bit better. We got to touch on some new year’s resolutions. O’Reilly is doing the 1/2 Ironman in 2020, so it was good to talk a little bit about that. And we talked a little more about yelling at our kids and how hard it is to be disciplined in that area.

Merry Christmas!

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