April 1, 2019

5 ‘n still alive!

THE SCENE: Cold but not winter cold, spring time cold.  No frost and a sigh of relief from those that planted their gardens.

F3 WELCOME & DISCLAIMER:   disclaimed with an April fools day flourish.

WARM-O-RAMA:   5x SSHs IC, 5x Daisy pickers IC, 6x(whoops) Windmills IC, 5x arm circles forward IC, 5x arm circles backwards IC.

THA-THANG:   My M and I have managed to keep our youngest daughter alive for 5 yrs today.  (God being 100% the author)

Therefore, PAX were instructed that we would perform a movement for 5 minutes followed by 5 minutes of work continuously.

  • Movement 1:  run (sub-10 min. mile pace)
  • Work 1: 5x Merkins, 5x inverse rows (rinse and repeat)
  • Movement 2: bear crawl
  • Work 2: 50 Burpees (10 per minute)
  • Movement 3: Crab Crawl
  • Work 3: 5x Squats, 5x Monkey Humpers (rinse and repeat)
  • Movement 4: Broad Jump
  • Work 4: Colt 15s, 5x overhead press (w/CMUs)  (rinse and repeat)

MARY:  30x American Hammers IC

COUNT-OFF & NAME-O-RAMA:   7 PAX, 0 FNGs;  Laettner, Chuck E. Cheese, Bailout, Beautyshop, Photoshop, Mudpants, Tomb Raider

CIRCLE OF TRUST/BOM:    Fellowship.   The Crucible kicked me in the teeth.  Last three miles were mentally exhausting.  Altar Boy ran/walked with me to keep me going.  The Gazelles; Crayfish, Nature Boy, Speaker, Four Eyes waited on me and encouraged.

Its humbling knowing that your physical abilities fail.  However, we must remember that we have others to lean on.  Let them serve you.  If you don’t have someone to lean on, get one and really question your current friend network.  F3 is much more than just a workout.  I appreciate the fellowship and its an honor knowing you HIM!

MOLESKIN:    This felt like a low-key workout, good opportunities for mumblechatter.  It kept us moving and we utilized just about every one of the 45 minutes.

Thankful that there was no frost and that I could feel my fingers most of the time.  Also, PAX can bear crawl approximately half the diagonal length of the field (from the 1/2 mile mark on the track back to CMU pile) in 5 minutes time.
Beautyshop is on the board of directors for an upcoming 5k benefit race this Saturday, he will post details.

5K run at the Berm on the 20th.  Sign up now.  details on slack.

Prayers requested for Bailout and his M who has a knee appointment today.  Pray also for Chuck E. Cheese’s brother Josh and his M.  Finally, a reminder that God is still in the business of miracles as Beautyshops parents can attest.