February 6, 2021

45lbs of Copper

THE SCENE: Unseasonably warm


WARM-O-RAMA: 10x arm circles ffd –10 arm circles backwards (odd choice for a running AO)

THA THANG: 4.47 mile out and back run down CD Smith Rd.

The pax took turns performing hillbillies & dragging 45 lbs of scrap copper wire.

The copper was much harder to drag than I had anticipated.

MARY: no time

COT: Shout out to all the amazing M’s out there holding down the front while we do out thing.

It’s time to start showing some appreciation before Mother’s Day.

MOLESKIN: Running is not easy. Although it might feel easier now that you don’t have 45lbs of copper behind you. Just ask Landline. 1st shirtless run of 2021.

NatureBoy was there doing NB things. What a HIM!

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