February 26, 2018

40-40 Club

THE SCENE: 39 or 40 degrees, Crayfish’s 40th Birthday. “If I have to turn 40, you do as well.”

Side Straddle Hop x 40
Front Little Overhead arm circles x 20
Back Little Overhead arm circles x 20
Buttkickers 40 seconds


Apocalypto Run
  • Run through OF at ankle-break speed
    • While waiting for the 6 to catch up:   Squats x 40
  • Run through OF at ankle-break speed
    • While waiting for the 6 to catch up:  Little Baby Crunches x 40
Korean War Beatdown
At the Korean War Memorial, each PAX on steps:
5 sets of:
  • Double Step Jump x 8
  • Derkin (Decline Merkin on steps) x 8
5 sets of:
  • Crab Dips on steps x 8
    Position like crab walk, and do dips
  • Step up to Lunge (on steps) x 8
    Like it sounds, step up on your right leg into lunge.  Step up on your left leg into lunge. Return to the start and repeat. Do one leg for about 8 seconds and then swap.
Mosey to Zoo Entrance
Zoo Ledge Up & Downs x 40
Climb up on platforms with animal statues, jump down, repeat
Mosey to Rainbow Lake
40 Merkins while watching the sunrise
Run back to start
  • While waiting for the 6 to catch up:   40 of something on your own

No time left for Mary

16 PAX, 1 FNG:  Costello, Sir Mix-a-lot, Lazarus, Cargo, Pyrtle, Four Eyes, Screech, Ricky Bobby, Osh Kosh, Handsy, Dewey, Elmwood, MmmBop, Teacher’s Pet, Father Abraham, Pony Express (fng), Crayfish


Noah – rained for 40 days then rainbow
Moses – 40 day fast on mountain then 10 commandments
Israelites 40 days in desert then Promised Land
Jesus 40 day fast then overcame the devil.

40 days seems like forever but it’s a season. We’re invited to enter a season of suffering for preparation.

Insert any personal comments, notes, devotion content, etc.
Tobey Park tomorrow, MmmBop on Q