March 16, 2018

4 Corners of Pain

The Lair: Gloomy.


*SSH x 15 IC
*Chenoweth Walkers (PAX moving as a unit literally walking in a circle; x 15 IC count clockwise. Squat Walk while arms above head hovering like Chenoweth propellars=Chenoweth Walkers)
*Hillbillies x15 IC
*Merkins x15 IC

Mosey to multi-purpose field while PAX carried a tractor tire above their heads

Part 1

*PAX set tire down at SW corner of 100 yard MP field.
*PAX moved in a single file line taking turns flipping tire.  Once PAX flipped tire he would step to left, run backwards to get in back of line.
*PAX form of transportation from SW corner to NW corner: Squat Walk (100 yards)

**Upon PAX reaching NW corner the PAX stopped flipping tire and they performed an Indian Run around the perimeter of MP field until returning back to where tire was resting at NW corner.

Same methodology:

*Tire: NW corner to NE corner
*Transportation: Broad Jump
*Indian Run: NE corner back to NE corner

*Tire: NE corner to SE corner
*Transportation: SSH (100 yards)
*Indian Run: SE corner back to SE corner

*Tire: SE corner to SW corner (STARTEX)
*Transportation: Bear Crawl
*Indian Run: SW corner back to SW corner

Part 2

*PAX lined up in single file line.
*1 PAX would run through 5 yard agility ladder on the ground then sprint to 50 yard line.
*Upon PAX reaching 50 yard line he would use resistance bands and perform 15 bicep curls.
*PAX would then sprint back to STARTEX

**PAX each performed 5 rotations of this=500 yards in sprints/ea

***PAX performed Burpees 15 IC



*YHC announced to PAX that we would be observing (belated at that) Pi Day from ‘3/14’
**PAX laid on our 6 and with legs in the air…wrote the numbers as follows:


6; Nature Boy (Whoo!), Moneyball, Backseat, Pops, C-Lo (Walking Wounded) and O Positive (YHC)


YHC spoke about Grace and what he has been reading lately from Spurgeon.  God is full of grace and we, as men, need to humble ourselves to receive it fully. YHC also stressed how important SAFETY is for the PAX and the responsibility we have for one another as we meet early and often in the gloom.  Nothing to take lightly.


This was YHC’s final (insert sad face here) Q as AO-Q for the Lair. Time to hand off the leadership to the men of Collierville to grow and serve this AO.  C-Lo is assuming the AO-Q responsibilities now.