August 4, 2020

4 Corners and Stuff


Dare I say there was a break in the humidity this morning – my phone says it was 94% but it felt much better than that.  70 Degrees and some good light of the moon allowing for a nice view of the Lair.  Great to see so many vehicles pulling in….


Done. Reviewed F3 Mission, Credo and 5 Core Principles


SSH IC x25

Imperial Walkers IC x 16 (got distracted as usual)

Daisy Pickers IC x15

Arm Circles IC  x 10 frontwards and backwards


Merkin Mile – ran around the lake back to turf field, up and down both sets of bleachers with 1 lap around the turf field.  Stopped every ¼ mile to do 4 count merkins x 12 – IC.

4 Corners:  Did following exercises at each corner – 5 Burpees, 15 Merkins, 25 Medicine Ball Jacks (IC) then traveled to next corner with varied modes of travel.  Corner 1 to Corner 2:  Karaoke, Corner 2-3: Bear Crawl, Corner 3-4 Backwards Run, Corner 4-1: Lunge Walk.  Completed 6 corners of exercises cause I wanted to finish with…….

Sprints:  4 – ½ field sprints with walk to end line.  1 full field sprint.

About 45 seconds of low plank till time

Asked the PAX to take a knee and take 20 seconds to think of one finite thing they want to get done today.

I have been working on a high stress project at work that while may be the project of a lifetime, comes with many uncertainties and more questions than answers at this point.  I need to remind myself to focus on what I can control today and learn from yesterday and not put all my focus on what may happen tomorrow.  You have to think of the future when planning but you need to make sure you are not consumed by the what-ifs.

I challenged the PAX to plan for the future, learn from the past but focus on today and get something done to move things forward.


Our FNG, McCracken, crushed it today at his first post.  Can’t wait for his VQ.  The Lair men worked hard today – it is great to see our Collierville AOs doing well!

The men seemed to really appreciate getting directly into a low plank following a 100 yard sprint….what can I say….I’m not a professional!

Many many many many many sand burpees to be done on Aug 22nd at the Berm by some Memphis F3 leadership to “celebrate” the Alcy Ball Development Corp fundraising efforts by the PAX.  Oooohhh, this will be fun.  Good job Bermites leading the charge in the fundraising efforts!

Divergence on August 19th to celebrate F3 Memphis Anniversary.


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