March 10, 2021


3 sets x 10 reps IC

  1. Lower: Around the World Lunges
  2. Full: Burpees
  3. Core: Mountain Climbers
  4. Cardio: Penguin Taps
  5. Upper: Catalina Wine Mixer
  6. Lower: Imperial Squat Walkers
  7. Full: Bodybuilder
  8. Core: Flutterkicks
  9. Cardio: Sprints
  10. Upper: Wallwalks

YHC encouraged the PAX to invite their circle of influence into an open, help-me-lead-better, embrace-the-awkwardness, non-retaliatory rating of his leadership on a scale of 1 to 10. The idea being that we need feedback to do better and that those we lead already have some score already in mind. 

Quiet morning. Very little mumble or grumble chatter. Ended a little early. NO REFUNDS. Coffeeteria was definitely the highlight. Lots of honest discussions about how to lead our kids better. It was great seeing everyone.