December 24, 2020

3rd Annual Equinox Challenge

Winter is awesome. It’s cold, unpredictable and occasionally even harsh. When presented with the opportunity to excel and achieve, some men will rise above their own norms and reach forward to place that next brick in the wall. Thus, I present to you F3 Memphis’ 3rd annual equinox challenge

This year’s theme: No man left behind.

We often use this phrase in relationship to fitness where we don’t want to leave the six behind. Before the spring equinox, we’re thinking bigger and challenging you not to leave your brother behind as you accelerate all of your F’s.

The spring equinox is March 20, 2021. Before then, your challenge is

To keep it simple, there’s 7 boxes to check.
* Complete a 345 with another PAX
* Post 30 times
* Q 3 times
* Earn a medal in each monthly fitness challenge
* Complete the quarterly fitness test with another PAX
* Read 3 3rdF books from the recommended book list. Read alongside and discuss with another PAX.
* Participate in a 3rd F Opportunity (park cleanup, help a neighbor, service event, fundraiser, blood drive)

No man left behind means you can’t participate alone this year. You are welcome to involve multiple PAX in your pursuit but there’s no flying solo. Find a buddy (better yet, a shieldlock) and get after it!

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