September 4, 2020

3D Dora & Hills at Six Wicket

The scene: dark, a little muggy, but not too muggy

Warm-o-rama: SSH x20; Daisy Picker x10; Imperial Walker x10; Windmill x10; Hillbilly x10; Merkins x10; Bat Wing!

The Thang: Slingshot run around the Lake/Pond to the stairs and ascend to the pavilion!

3D Dora! At pavilion area, 1 PAX would perform exercises while partner went down steps and ran back up them. Each pair was to complete 100 Dips, 100 Derkins, and 100 Dive Bombers

After 3D Dora, we slow moseyed around the hill to where Buck-It began. PAX held plank as 1 by 1 PAX would run up the hill. Once up top PAX would do exercise until all-in. At all-in we did 10 count of that round’s exercise.

Each round was two hill sprints. Giving all PAX about the same time to hold PLANK.

Round 1: Flutter Kicks at top

Round 2: LBCs

Round 3: J-Lo’s

MARY: time for a 30 second plank by the flag

COT: YHC, 2ndF Q, is an extroverted person and has battled loneliness and depression more during this season that would’ve imagined. Conversations with friends can make world of difference. ADV PAX to be proactive and reach out to friends they haven’t seen as frequently over these last 5 months.