September 19, 2018

37’s and Aw Yeah’s….a birthday bash Cheesesteak style


73* and gloomful, which means a great day to celebrate.


Disclaimer was not exclaimed but certainly proclaimed.


SSH x 37 IC
IW’s x 37 IC
(Meter Maid rolled in during IW’s, which was pretty much on time for him!)
Arm Circles x 37 IC (18 each direction)


Today is my 37th birthday, so we’ll be doing 37 reps of the following exercises….


Hello Dolly
Imperial Walkers
Shoulder Taps
Jump Lunges (1=1 OYO)
Plank Jacks
Overhead Claps


Mosey from flag to Skate Park lightpost.

A moment of reminiscing at the original Startex of The Levee. Also reminisced Slots, who led the first F3 workout I posted, and look forward to his return from paternity leave.

Back to the 37’s…

Bolt 37’s
Flutter Kicks
A brief musical intermission was made for Tubthumping Burpees, which has become a favorite of YHC. The PAX don’t like this song, at least not anymore.  Please don’t post when I’m Q unless you like to do lots of burpees.
37 Mountain Climbers


Mosey to skate park

37 American Hammers

To celebrate my birthday, and in a shout out to Michael Scott, we did 120 seconds OYO of AMRAP hard core parkour around the skate park. Seriously, this might have been the most exhausting part of the workout.

Mosey to the Pavilion

In a bit more reminiscing, we did 37 box jumps on the pavilion picnic tables in honor of Snowman’s Q, an outright assault that Wide Right despised.

Mosey back to the flag

6 squats IC…which is not 37, but that’s because there are 31 squats in the song “Flower” by Moby, which is also a favorite of YHC. The PAX might hate this song more than Tubthumping.  Again, please don’t post (read: definitely post) when I am Q if you hate this exercise.


37 Aw Yeah’s…because it’s my birthday.

ABC’s (Billy Blanks choice)

Harbaugh, Renfro, Woody, Moneybags, Vector, Raven, 1040, Barney, Billy Blanks, Meter Maid, Mr Freeze, Goldfinger, Corky, Slicnut, Cheesesteak QIC

In my personal Bible reading, I’m working through 2 Samuel, which has me in the life of David. I missed Monday’s reading, so I read double (not out of shame) on Tuesday. Sometimes we read our Bibles one chapter at a time, missing the links and connections between what you read yesterday and today. In reading 2 Samuel 10, there’s a story of two soldiers (brothers named Joab and Abishai), who lead Israel into battle. Their opposition hires another army to help them, which puts Israel in a position where they are surrounded. Joab tells his brother to get his back if he starts losing and he’ll get his brother’s back if they start losing. Interesting….

…especially when you contrast with 2 Samuel 11, when King David did NOT go out to battle in “the time when kings go out to battle.” We know all too well that, instead of being where he was supposed to be, he committed adultery with Bathsheba and conspired her husband’s death.

So we have two stories, back to back, opposing endings. The spiritual metaphor is not that we wage war on sin, but we have two men who were doing what they were meant to do, each having the other’s back. And then you have David, who was NOT battling sin and also not doing what he was meant to do. Instead he isolated himself and got into some awful trouble.

I would “go to battle” with any of my F3 brothers. Even though most of us don’t spend time together beyond gloomy acquaintances, we work shoulder to shoulder in order to have each other’s backs in all of life. My M doesn’t quite understand how and why I communicate with “strangers” over Slack, but she doesn’t name farts, either. So there is that.

As men we all have purpose, specifically to work, play, and in all of life, worship and love Jesus Christ with our lives. But I’m not very good at that on my own. I’m much better at that when I’m back to back with my brothers. So let’s keep getting better together.


Great morning with the PAX. I love this group of men. 37 is a great number.

O Positive is helping with behind the scenes work at GR12. He needs backup between 2am-9am on Sunday morning. Get in touch with him if you can help…I’m planning to take a shift.