September 7, 2018


THE SCENE: Neverland (Playground of Dreams in Arlington), 72 and everything is wet after the storm rolled through last night.


Mtn Climbers x15 IC

WW1 Sit Ups x15 OYO

Merkins x15 IC

BoxCutters x15 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Reverse Crunches x15 OYO


Run a small lap

1st Work: 5 mins

Mtn Climbers and LBC’s (pax 1 performs 15 LBC’s while other pax are busy with Mtn Climbers, rotate)

Run a small lap

2nd Work: 30 each pax

Plank and Merkins (pax 1 performs 5 merkins while other pax awaits their turn in the plank aka Leaning Rest position, rotate)

Run a small lap

3rd Work: 30 each pax

90 and Reverse Crunches (pax 1 runs 30 yards and performs 5 Reverse Crunches, then runs back to relieve other pax who are waiting patiently on their backs feet straight up in the air, rotate)

Run a small lap

4th Work: 30 each pax

Imperial Walkers and WW1 Sit Ups (pax 1 performs 5 WW1 sit ups, while other pax does what seemed like an endless amount of Imperial Walkers, rotate)

No lap here

5th Work: 30 each pax

Plank Jacks and LBC (pax 1 performs 5 plank jacks, then relieves other pax from the never ending amount of LBC’s)

Ain’t nobody got time for that.
Flobee, Zima, Tiger-Lily. FNG: None
Cover me in times of war. As life decisions are upon us, be sure that we take time to just be still and trust God knowing that he has our best interest and knows way more than we could ever.
2 of the 3 made it to the best coffeteria anywhere.
GrowRuck is in two weekends. Make sure you push hard this week to have a lighter week the week of the event.