November 18, 2019


THE SCENE: Perfectly cold.

15 SSH in cadence; 10 Daisy Pickers; 10 Abe Vigoda; 10 Merkins OYO

With it being cold, sometimes we just follow along and don’t use our brains.  So, we decided to do 20 more SSH in cadence, with the first 10 counted-off aloud by the Q  and the last 10 counted-off by each PAX internally (not aloud) but still in cadence with the rest.  The goal was to end at the same time.  Penalty for the PAX not ending in sync was 5 burpees – well, it was cold, so we did 5 burpees.

The PAX partnered up and we mosey’d from Startex to the High-school parking lot.  However, we did our own version of a partnered Indian Run, which came with LOTs of questions – like, do we get in 2 lines, how do we Indian Run with just 2 people, wait – there’s three of us so how does that work.  It was a little complex, I agree, but I thought a 2-person Indian Run would encourage leadership and get us to the parking lot a little bit faster.  It was a good try – and most of the PAX actually did the 2-person Indian Run.  Others simply ran side by side with some mumble-chatter – all good either way – we got the exercise in.

  • At the parking lot, 1 partner did burpees while the other ran 100yds and back.  Then we switched.  Did this 2 times each.  Hobby Lobby gave us a military-style 20-count at the end so we could catch our breath before proceeding…
  • We mosey’d in a 2×2 Indian Run fashion over to the tennis courts.  Same result as above.
  • At the tennis courts, there were 4-corners of a partnered exercises.  Each exercise was conducted in that corner for 1 minute, then we switched.  Once the exercise was finished by both, we moved to the next corner and did that exercise for 1 min ea.
    • Corner 1:  arm presses (one partner sits down and arm presses up, while the other provides resistance)
    • Corner 2:  leg lifts (one partner lays down and lifts legs up, while the other partner pushes them back down towards the ground)
    • Corner 3:  BBSU (one partner assumes the BBSU position while the other holds their feet down)
    • Corner 4:  Derkins (one partner grabs the others leg like a wheel-barrow position and the other does derkins)
  • We mosey’d in a 2×2 Indian Run fashion over to the light poles for Route 66.  By this time time only a handful were completing the Indian Run… oh well.
    • Partnered pattycake merkin throughout route 66.  These were performed in a slightly different manner.  Once the merkin was performed by each, the partners clapped their right hands and then their left hands, before doing the next merkin.
  • Once compete, we just simply mosey’d to Startex where we had about 90 seconds remaining.

90 seconds of American Hammers

15 PAX:  Hot-N-Ready, Gas Mask, Red Light, Farmer, Chain Gang, Pronto Pup, Datsun, Pops, Black Diamond, Rocket Launcher, La Z Boy, Boudreaux, Captain Obvious, Halpert, Hobby Lobby
Leadership.  Leadership comes in many forms and in different areas of our life.  Sometimes we lead a group of F3 men, other times we just one PAX – which was what today’s Q was about.  Leading and encouraging others through the workout.  But throughout the day we have the opportunity for leadership – with our families, our kids, our co-workers, etc.  Servant leadership is something I try to use – where I’m always asking what I can do to help the person I’m leading.  Think about times throughout the day where we have the opportunity to lead and how to go about leading – it’s a unique opportunity and big responsibility.
Many PAX across F3 Memphis need help and assistance in some form or fashion – so we lifted them up.
Not much here other than PLC was to take place at the Levee Creamery following our workout.