January 7, 2019


THE SCENE: 50 degrees. In January. Unreal. Thanks Sky Q

SSH x 20
High plank x 60 s
Captain O let me know the pristine football field was open for business today.
We mosied to the moist baseball field. 

11s – Captain Thor and Hand Release Merkins
Partner-up for 20 pattycake merkins
Focus on form: 20 Perfect Squats (demonstrated by Cheesesteak)
11s – Jump Squats and BBSUs

Mosey back near startex for an Indian wall sit-off. Hold the wall position as long as you can, 20 penalty burpees when you decide to throw in the towel. O Positive barely held off an FNG (now named Footsy).

Dealer’s choice:
Flutterkicks (YHC)
Low Plank hold (Cheesesteak)
LBCs (Pops)
Hello Dolly (Halpert)
Jane Fonda (Slicnut)
BBSUs (Woody)
Pickle pounders (Captain Obvious) 

34 (3 FNG – Footsy, Kimbo, Implants)

What is your identity? I’m a big Clemson fan. We have a game tonight (aka the natty). I’d really enjoy winning. However, I have not actually contributed meaningfully to any of the team’s success this season. It’s great to be fan, but don’t let that become your identity. Same goes for your job, your bank account, your fitness level. These are good things. They aren’t identities. 

My identity is in Jesus Christ. It isn’t about anything I’ve done but what He has already done for me. 

Huge crowd for KOTB. The fine men of the Levee have done an excellent job building a culture of EHing. However, I get the sense that these HIM know there’s so much more on the line than bragging rights. They want brothers to show up for the benefit of both the individual and the entire brotherhood. 

Fantastic crowd afterwards at the Creamery. Barracks brothers – there’s a creamery coming soon near you, check it out! In possibly my favorite naming moment in my short 9 months in F3, Kimbo was named as such based on his first kiss. During coffeeteria, it was determined to be a strong possibility that this could be in reference to the M of current PAX and championship EHer Halpert. Meter Maid summed it up best, “If I get fired today at work, it will still be a great day!”