August 5, 2019

2nd Anniversary Preblast and Nantan Challenge

Gentlemen, F3 Memphis’ two year mark is approaching. On 8/19/17, Bagger Vance from F3 Nashville led 42 PAX (37 FNGs) on a merlot splash-a-palooza at the Mothership (read all about it). Since then, we’ve grown to 34 weekly workouts, ~970 men have posted at least once, and our weekly attendance over the past several weeks has been 340! The DRP is doing it’s work. Men all over the Memphis area are locking shields and accelerating in their fitness, fellowship, and faith. Join us at the Mothership as we kick off Year 3!

WHO: All PAX from near and far and all the FNGs you can muster!

WHAT: One hour beatdown (Q’d by Reborn, Truebadour from Rock Hill) followed by glorious Parking Lot Coffeeteria and fellowship

WHEN: Saturday, 8/17, 7-8 AM

WHERE: The Mothership

WHY: Work hard, celebrate, and dream about Year 3. 

NANTAN CHALLENGE: If 125 PAX post, YHC will complete a one mile sandbag toss. For every PAX over 125, YHC will add 5 merkins to the sandbag mile. I’m challenging the tentpole and all AOQs to join me. The gauntlet is thrown. We just hit 109 on a Monday, so this should be easy! Payment will be made starting at 5:30 AM at the Mothership on 8/24. Get to work!