October 12, 2017

Making Calves Great Again

AO: The Levee
QIC: Billy Blanks

PAX: Meter Maid, Escobar, Rabbit, Pops, Chyna, Slots

Conditions: Welcome upper 50’s that made us think it was cold again and NO humidity!


Jumping jacks x 25 4 cadence count
Imperial walkers 20 IC 4 CT
Freedoms twists (plank and twist) x20 IC 4 CT
Squats x 20, IC 4ct

The Thang

Indian run

Mosey to tennis courts
This set is across 2 tennis courts. Down and back
1. 10 lunges each leg then lunge walk. 10 pulse Lunges each leg then lung walk back
2. 15 squats-broad jump-15 squats-broad jump back
3. 15 push-ups-bear crawl to 15 push ups and bear crawl back
4. 15 dips-crab walk-15 dips
5. 20 hip bridges-army crawl-20 bridges and army crawl back (bear crawl if you can’t army crawl)

Mosey skate park
Calf raises 3 ways x 20 by count
Dry dock crabs (hip heists)

Calf raises 3 ways x 20 by count
10 burpees

Calf raises 3 ways x 20 by count
10 push-ups

Crunchy frogs IC 15 Ct

Hammock to superman. 1:30 while flipping between each position and holding



Cot. Having courage. We see in John that Jesus was not afraid to show up in hostile conditions. He kept healing people on the Sabbath while people were offended. The blind man was brave to tell the high priest and anyone who asked him how he was healed. We have to be courageous (thanks Kendricks brothers). Whether it is in the workplace, with family, or friends, be on the lookout of what we can do. Make a move.

Moleskin: No one was a fan of Q’s sad attempts at mumble chatter through singing or terrible jokes